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Discussion in 'Monthly Competition' started by Steeeeed, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Anymore information on the topic for this month? Just Open?
  3. Just enter a photograph you like , just must be taken between beginning November 2017 and 2.1.18.

    Copied from entries thread:

    I'm thinking we should leave these 2 months open. I guess people are busy approaching Christmas so it may help to have an open theme. So, anything goes (within normal rules of the board of course). We still have some autumnal colours, the days are short so good chance to get warm morning or evening light, lots of dark nights, hopefully some snow, fireworks at New Year, Christmas, etc!

    With new year in mind, lets say photos from now until Jan 2nd. Then;

    • Post your picture directly in this thread. Please keep the previous rules of no larger than 2000 pixels on long edge, 5MB in size.
    • You can enter up to 5 photos
    • Please consider adding EXIF data, e.g. camera, lens, ISO, aperture, shutter speed.
    Thanks - good luck and enjoy shooting.


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