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  1. Flew LGW to JFK with them . Supposedly the best airline to fly into New York with ( tip off from Simon Calder). We had an excellent flight with them. ( Even got the extra legroom seats at no extra cost, but maybe that was just lucky).

    Edit : mods can you delete thread, it was supposed to be kept secret that Norwegian were so good!
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  2. 18 pund for a pint and a pizza.
  3. Lord Potts

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    Norwegian Airlines? I did 'nt mind them too much but having to man the oars for so long wore me out.
  4. Thought you always liked sticking yours in..
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  5. Lord Potts

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    Sorry my mistake I mis-spelled whores
  6. lenshack

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    They're a bit like Ryanair.
    They drop you in Canada and you have to walk the rest of the way.
  7. Pepe

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    Flown with them once. Clean.

    Furthermore, I lived to type on here.
  8. Bargain. Cost me 45 last time I had that combo.
  9. I was talking about the 1980's
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  10. Beau Peep

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    Providence is a great little town! Stone's throw from Boston too
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  11. squashjoe

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    Just got the record from New York to London in 5 hours 13 minutes after being thrown across the Atlantic with 200 mph plus tailwinds.
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  12. Concorde pissed all owa that time Marrow.:rolleyes:


    State capital anarl iirc
  14. SAFC 2012

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    Flying from Edinburgh to Bodo with them in a few weeks :cool:
  15. D.A

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    Went from Edinburgh to Stewart airport in NYC. Return with 1 case was less than £500 return for two. Paid for a return coach which was $40 each. No entertainment, no guarantee seats sitting next to each other or meals.
  16. MackneyHackem

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    Nee point man.

    Once you’d added on the cost of food, drinks and bags you might as well have gone with Virgin or BA.

    Looked into it many times but decided it’s pointless.
  17. I'd use Norwegian again, they were great!
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  18. Paddy O'Dors

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  19. Just hope they don't expand too quickly, as what they do at the minute is spot on. Fly with them regular now and are my go to airline. Canny rewards scheme too.

    Wrap up well, it's fucking Baltic. :lol:
  20. Paddy O'Dors

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    I was looking at ganning to San Francisco. They fly direct LGW to Oakland £400 all in. £6 for a ticket from Oakland to SF on the BART.

    Cheapest to SF is £450 and that's via LA and an extra 4 hours.
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