North East Soft Plays

Don’t think we’ve done this before, so Ha’way, for those of us with little brats to entertain, where’s decent.

At Millie’s Magical Garden now, tenner for 2 kids. Decent value.

Single parenting next week so we’re going to do the Funshack in Benton, £27.50 :eek: Cheeky bastards are charging me £2 to get in. It’ll be the same prices for Seaham, Gateshead & Stockton.

Aquatic Centre & Silksworth are canny for minimal admission fee.

Fun Jungle in Sulgrave is canny, but a bit on the expensive side & they're arseholes about taking your own food & drink in. To the point there’s signs saying you cannot take water in for your child. Fair enough if you’re taking a picnic.

Go Bananas down Seaburn. Shithole, don’t bother.
Inflatespace Newcastle. Kids will love it.
Another vote for infinite air. Quality place. Staff are miserable as owt like but even they cannot bring it down. Fun for all ages.
The Fun Zone at Langley Moor has the best food in a soft play I’ve found. pizzas, parmos and things like that you wouldn’t be disappointed to be served in a proper pub or restaurant rather than the a soft play.

Cheap as well, £1 for adults £2.50 for kids
Another vote for this one. Lad who runs it is a MLF as well.

Foods always great, big portions too, just don't ask him for sausages.*

*this is an injoke, sure the sausages are lovely too.