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North east foodies

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Spennymackem1981, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Spennymackem1981

    Spennymackem1981 Central Defender

    whats with the contant posting of fucking kebabs..

    like a kebab is a culinary treat
  2. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    They are if they're piping hot.
  3. DufraisFTM

    DufraisFTM Striker

    The group is mental.
  4. Jack Wolforskin

    Jack Wolforskin Central Defender

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  5. The fucking irony of this thread is deafening.
  6. andymulesafc

    andymulesafc Winger

    There was some "unreal" coleslaw on the other day.

  7. DufraisFTM

    DufraisFTM Striker

    "well tried the wolsey since seeing all the reviews got the wolsey burger and my partner wasn't impressed said it wasn't a proper burger and then to top it off he must of been right because it went right through me in asda, wont be returning"

  8. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    When I used to stagger out of 'I couldn't eat one sober like..fkn rank.Finos' at 2am there was nowt better than a XL donner kebab (red and white cabbage and chilli sauce)..I couldn't eat one sober like,they're fkn rank.
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  9. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    Nowt like eating a a nice trim kebab every now or then

  10. Pop

    Pop Striker

    Give over, its just meat, what is rank about it?
  11. Jasper

    Jasper Striker

    Stretching it a bit there marra :lol:
  12. jubblies

    jubblies Striker

    Lusherooney hun. Piping hot 10/10
  13. Barnacle Boy

    Barnacle Boy Striker

    Hello Joe Fab
  14. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    The group is overrun by friends of take away owners, it's always the same two Indians, nawab and sultans and the same old kebab shops mentioned, oh and the Wolsey!

    As long as it's hot and they get loads then it gets 10/10, some of the shit I've seen posted is unreal, and that' not in a good way.
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  15. Big Duke Six

    Big Duke Six Winger

    He hates kebabs you fanny.
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  16. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    I`m not that fucking old!!!! :lol:
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  17. Barnacle Boy

    Barnacle Boy Striker

    Does he fuck, he loves them the dirty old prick
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  18. Big Duke Six

    Big Duke Six Winger

    He hates them, and he also now hates you.
  19. Venkman

    Venkman Winger

    'Foodies' that post photos of 'unreal' 2 pizzas for £6 man. The majority of stuff posted in there is just junk and shite.
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  20. Pop

    Pop Striker

    Only the finest lamb.

    Also serves as a laxative should you need a flush.

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