Nixon says we want Joel Lynch


bury fans hate onforums know fuck all..
our fans think honeyman is shit..
Right so regular qpr fans who have watched him for years know fuck all purely because they've posted on here and ones who aren't on here but have replied to their SAFC mates saying he's shit also know fuck all. Get away man.

I suppose you thought that Jason Steele would be ok and that Middlesbrough and Blackburn fans were talking out of their arses?

Honeyman is shit tbf.


Full Back
Sorry boys but he is gash !!!! We had to put up with him for nearly 3 years
He gets turned easily , has no pace and is very error prone
Oh and he never plays over Christmas (always an injury or suspension, so he can pop over to Dubai ) oh and watch him as he picks up silly bookings towards the end of the season so again he can get on his holidays
Ah well he aint coming here then, we're not that stup.............