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    What's that got to do with the EU?
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    Fuck all mate. Why?
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    So why does that prove highly skilled people aren't leaving?
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    You obviously haven’t been following the thread so I’ll explain it to you.

    @ANonnyMoose said that since we voted Brexit , droves of educated people are leaving the UK, the pound has had the biggest crash ever, and the whole banking industry has left the UK.

    The second two were lies. The one about droves of educated people leaving I believe to be a lie and asked him to prove it.
    He couldn’t.
    @redgauntlet asked me to prove that educated people weren’t leaving - it’s quite hard to prove , but the best I could do is show that net migration is the highest it’s been for years.
    We still have more coming in than leaving (EU and non EU).
    It doesn’t say what the education is of each one, as when you come in they don’t ask for your GCSE equivalent , but I think it’s fair to say that @ANonnyMoose has lied again, as it’s pretty doubtful that everyone leaving is intelligent and everyone coming in is thick as pigshit. Logically , the net migration of those with a high education will be surplus.
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    :lol: its 2042 on a Sunday night mate go for a pint
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    Where are your figures from?
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    :) I’m going to marra

    Feb 2018
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    So the craic today was, it looks like there are going to be some older contracted staff will be offered a payment to move contracts onto lower paid rates.
    One other rumour is there will be stand downs next month.
    and someone reckons the tea machine will be on free vend on Nights shift
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    That's the least believable of the lot to be fair.
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    Believed his post until then :lol::lol:

    Been a few rumours of stand downs last week, mostly related to sanoh struggling to supply parts I think
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    Seen this - talking to my mate who has been there forever and he reckons its just cost cutting - get the older staff on good wages with the decent pension out and replace them with kids on half the pay
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  13. Aye thats the impression I got from reading article. Still not great for folk working there like.
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    30k redundancies offered today
  15. genericus

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    Cany whack that mind, Is it specifically to longer served staff or voluntary?
  16. arthursboy

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    Hopefully people who want to leave and qualify can and means other people who don’t want to leave can stay.

    Over 15 years service I believe

    Diesel engine market is on its arse, shortage of petrol engines and other replacement
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    Tax free limit. Coincidence?
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    Not off to a flyer is it
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    I posted about this earlier in the thread, governments have handled this terribly, modern diesels have years and year left before they needed demonising and phasing out.

    What a shitty thing to post, scored a point have we?

    You haven't like but if it makes you feel better than crack on.
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