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    And decent quoting skills, we need them back too.
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  2. Le Chuck

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    Correct. 'Had'
  3. redgauntlet

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    No one has been "Had" more than you.
  4. Le Chuck

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    From someone who wears tin foil :lol:
  5. redgauntlet

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    I don’t need any cover, nothing to hide.
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    Apart from the record crash of the pound, whole industries starting to move out like banking, educated immigrants leaving, educated locals leaving, yeah, I mean nothing at all has happened.

    And patronising? To use facts? To stand behind educated people? We have to stop this anti-education anti-expert bullshit. Its destroying society.

    And yes, I have forgotten your two reasons. Were they among the ones I demolished earlier?

    And the fate of Nissan is tied directly to Brexit. As is the future of the banking industry (hint: they started packing their bags a while ago) and many other industries.
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  7. lenshack

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    Meanwhile the EU is going to Hell in a handbag.
    It’s an outdated, uncompetitive, bureaucratic, corrupt, dictatorial system that long ago outlived its usefulness.
    It’s days are numbered and as they admit themselves they are already undergoing an existential crisis.
    I for one don’t wish to be any part of it when their ship goes down.
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  8. Hep

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    I love that expression and the way it is used by people so lacking in their own identity that they have to wrap a union jack around themselves to give them any sort of character.
  9. jonny gently

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    Ok Snowflake ...;):)
  10. offmenut

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    :) :) :)
    Stop talking shit man.
    Record crash of the pound , no it wasn’t.
    Whole industries leaving, no they haven’t.
    As much as remainers try to scare people into saying banks will leave, IMO it’s rubbish. You’re speculating.
    Where’s the proof of educated people leaving?
    Yes, nothing has happened. You’re talking utter bullshit mate.
    Plenty of reasons for the banks to remain in England - I can’t see them leaving.
    Please stop frothing at the bit and putting lies about Brexit.
  11. ANonnyMoose

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    I'm not speculating about the banks at all, trust me, but thats all I can say. You can't see them leaving? The only question left is where they will all land up - Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam or Dublin....

    Proof of educated people leaving? Try some of the industry special forums out there, the ones I am on have threads for exactly that. Why would they stay?

    What lies have I put up about Brexit? Maybe record crash was not the right term, but the pound hit record lows after the Brexit result:
    Pound will stay at record lows even after Article 50 is triggered
    Thats still quite the crash.

    "Nothing has happened", not at all true. Maybe it hasn't penetrated your own world yet, but it has for a lot of other people and it will get worse.
  12. Wullhawar

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    You’re wasting your time mate, it’s the equivalent of talking to someone with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears going ‘lalalalala I can’t hear you’, no interest in what’s actually happening, just want to claim it’s all scare stories
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  13. ANonnyMoose

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    The EU that is, or has:
    The largest trading bloc in the world
    The 2nd largest GDP (both by PPP and Nominal) in the world behind the USA or China (depending if Nominal or PPP) , including individual countries in 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th positions.
    5 of the top 10 best places to live in the world, according to Mercers, are in the EU, including the top pick: Vienna. Another 3 of the top 10 are in Europe, in Switzerland.
    Half of the top 26 countries by the Human Development Index

    Yeah, what a terrible place to be, what a sinking ship.

    I agree it does need some reforms, but its nowhere near as bad as some people make out.
  14. Lambchops

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    The pound isn't far off what it was in 08 here, dropped from 37 kc to 28kc to the pound after brexit - saved me a fortune
  15. jonny gently

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    You really need to get over it mate ... What will be will be. It will be interesting to look back in ten years and see how well we are doing compared to Europe. Now that would be the time to say I told you so. Not five minutes after we've left, or as I and many others, that haven't been brainwashed, expect, Europe will be in financial and political turmoil while we Brexiteers will quietly say ... I told you so.
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  16. offmenut

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    Your lies are 1- ‘record pound crash’
    2- Whole industries like banking leaving.
    That’s what you think, I think otherwise.
    Because you’re a remainers you discount anyone else’s opinion as you think yours superior.
    I also don’t believe you about droves of educated people leaving - prove it.
    There you go, 2 definite lies, and one probable.

    Here you go , read this about the banks staying - you may stop over reacting like a big fanny - I understand your view and where you’re coming from , but I don’t think it will happen and I don’t agree with you. I believe and hope everything will be ok.
    No point panicking about something which may or may not happen either.
    Four reasons why banks won't leave the City of London after Brexit
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  17. redgauntlet

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    We will be sunk sooner.

    Tell you what, you prove that they aren’t. Be good to see your sources. Also, in whatt way will the ordinary man in the street will be better off when we have a bill of billions to meet.
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  18. offmenut

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    Don’t have to prove it - I’ve not come up with the bullshit.
    Also your ‘bill of billions’ is pure hyperbole speculation.
  19. Hep

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    but where is the upside?

    Has the pound strengthened ?
    Have industries moved to the UK?
  20. offmenut

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    Some 285,000 non-EU citizens arrived in the UK in the 12-month period to September, and 80,000 departed.

    This gives a net increase of 205,000, the highest for six years

    There, can’t be arsed looking anymore, but we’re in, and always have been , in net increase,
    Can’t see droves leaving.

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