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    What does it have to do with volume of cross border traffic? The verification is done in the same place where the lorry is packed and will be tracked door to door. This technology already exists.

    And we have three years to implement systems as there is a two year transition process.
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    And there in lies the problem.
    The vote was largely against the establishment who the majority believed didnt stand up for Britains interests. And voting leave was seen as the only way they could get them to change their ways as we've had years & years of them not listening.

    Take the passport colour. Its a very minor thing & personally i couldnt care less what colour they are but as it turns out we didnt have to adopt the burgandy one, so why do it?
    Its the cummulation of little things here & there which start to piss people off. As it makes people think the we're being ran by the EU.

    If only the government stood up to them a bit more...........

    I reckon Cameron using tax payers money to produce that official propaganda leaflet did more damage in getting peoples backs up.

    The biggest reasons people voted leave was about border control & sovereignty. The bus may have convinced a few, but think leave would still have won without it.
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    Shite news, hope you keep yours matey, JLR have a few new launches soon, L551, Road Rover etc, production is bound to slow as the changeover happens and orders start to come in.

    People will blame Brexit for this as it's an easy target for morons to point too, fact is the demonisation of the diesel engine that's caused it.

    Nissan aren't going anywhere too, unless they're investing millions in their Tier 1 suppliers for the lulz, JLR, Nissan etc are huge employers and play the game of chess with the respective countries governments, it's a no-brainer to get some relief when you employ thousands not forgetting the knock on effect.
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    Nowts happened mate...its just the usual bellends who are obsessed with Nissan closing so they can spout their boring political shite on here.

    Used to be a decent forum as well
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    According to @ir35 there was supposed to be an announcement this week from Nissan mate that's what @Narraback was on about
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    Majority - only of those that did vote, that COULD vote on that day. Hundreds of thousands of UK citizens were NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE because they lived abroad - surprisingly, a lot of them IN THE FUCKING EU. Not to mention many did not vote because it was a NON-BINDING REFERENDUM, the *only* way it got through Parliament to become a vote in the first place.

    Your side is full of lies, xenophobia, and uneducated drivel, mostly from the old (all age groups for both genders voted stay, overwhelmingly, apart from the 50+ groups), happily ruining the future for decades to come that they wont live to see.

    But we "blew it" did we? Let me leave you with some voting facts and a quote from your God, the prick Farage:
    Brexit vote results: 51.89% v 48.11%

    Approx number of UK citizens denied a vote: 700,000 or 2.08% of the overall vote.
    Reject ballots: 25,000
    Number of eligible citizens who did not vote: 12.9m or 27.8% of those eligible to vote.

    "Majority". If you are so confident in your win, why no 2nd referendum when all the leave negotiations are finalised and we can see the actual truth? Or is it because you know you would be thrashed? Screw democracy eh......

    The FTSE has 3 points:

    A) The FTSE has gone up since Brexit because the pound crashed. Because.....
    B) the FTSE is made up of a surprisingly large number of non-UK companies.
    C) Those UK companies on the FTSE (100 or 250? You don't say which) make the majority of their profits abroad.

    So how was that "bullshit" from the mouths of retainers when we said the pound would indeed crash?

    Because we could be as powerful as Germany if we actually took the EU seriously and didn't just sit on the sidelines pissing about so much. We have (had!) the veto to block many of the votes we didn't like, we still voted with the majority of other countries almost all the time. Who to blame, the EU or the UK government? I know where I lay most of the blame.

    The bigger missed opportunity for real change was the PR voting system change under the coalition. It was disgraceful the way the country allowed both the Tories and Labour, the biggest winners under the current awfully undemocratic system to steamroll the result, with thanks once again to the awful British media. A change to a PR system would have been far more effective than Brexit at making real change, and the politicians outside the LibDems knew it.

    The UK has always had full control of its borders, once again the UK government(s) chose to do nothing to change it. Remember, as pointed out over and over again, the vast majority of the immigration into the UK during the EU years has been non-EU immigration, something the EU has zero power over. As for "sovereignty" I still haven't seen a legitimate proposal for what that argument even means.
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    They were supposed to "make an announcement" at easter mate.....nowt.
    Then it was going to be the week after....nowt.
    Then it was last week.....nowt.

    All sorts of rumours doing the rounds.
    Iam not worrying about it.
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    The fucking clip of the quoting :lol:
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    Because the remainers said it would be impending doom on the uk with Brexit.
    And it’s not been.
    The FTSE has not crashed
    Manufacturing has grown
    Unemployment down
    Yes, reasons include the weak pound - still doesn’t get round all the bullshit of doom.
    People don’t like uncertainty , which Brexit certainly gives, but even you can see that with all this uncertainty the uks not as bad as all the remainers forewarned.
    So that’s how it’s bullshit
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    Great response, its all Brexit people have, isn't it? Pathetic shit.

    So the pound crashing, making everything more expensive is fine, is it? Unemployment down - really? Into zero-hour contracts and other such shit? Manufacturing has grown - reference please.

    All of this and Brexit hasn't even happened yet - its going to get a lot worse.

    And you still haven't given any legitimate reasons to leave the EU. None of you have.
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    All this :):) all what man! Nowts fucking happened except a drop in the value of the pound. Fucking hell msn, you’re having a meltdown over fuck all.
    Eu is bloated and wastes money, and makes laws which sometimes don’t work for us.
    The eu put trade tariffs against third world countries. Fucking despicable organisation.
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    Right, because a record crash of the currency is just nothing! Hows your spending power now? Hows the cost of groceries? Power?

    The EU is a trading block, of course sometimes it will make laws that don't work for us, often it makes laws that do favour us. You can't please everyone all the bloody time. Meanwhile they have brought in a number of laws to improve the life of the working person in the UK, things that our own government never did and will be rolling back as soon as we leave. Then we are throwing away our hard-earned EU position and things like the veto, powers we will never recover. This vote is destroying the lives of people who wanted to work and live in Europe, travel easily in Europe, trade easily in Europe - our biggest trading partner by far. For what? Still no reasons from anyone why.
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    Fucking hell
    Inflation has been at a record low man.
    Not sure how much your groceries have gone up !!
    Making shit up as fuck all has happened due to Brexit

    And I gave you two reasons. Forgot about them ?
    Fucking hell man, give it a rest.
    You think Brexit is a travesty , I think it’ll be ok.
    At the moment fuck all has happened , so no one is right or wrong.
    Just relax and stop bullshitting and thinking your view is better than brexiters , it’s patronising condescending bollocks
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    Diesel market has fell on its arse, it will affect all car manufactures, petrol is king now.
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    Technology hasnt been used on that sort of scale and implemented so quickly. The Irish wont accept it as it still requires physical infrastructure and even on the Swedish/Norwegian lorries still have to be stopped for paperwork to be checked for full checks.
    No we dont a transition deal is dependent on the overall deal being agreed before March 2019. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.
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    It's hurting a lot of car makers, JLR especially as diesel accounts for the vast majority of its range.
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    We always had border control and we always had sovereigbty and we make and made our own laws.
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    We've voted out, the people have spoken, deal with it.

    Maybe start a new thread on how enraged you are because you're right and everyone who voted leave was wrong, this thread is about Nissan no?
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    I know someone involved in the setting up process, costing an absolute fortune. Do not worry, they will never tell you, so great is the cost so far. Our Three x great grandchildren will be paying for this. Remember that, yet another tory lie, the national debt was nothing compared to this.

    Nothing to complain about, the feeble minded want their country back, nothing else matters.
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