Nikki Allan - a new arrest

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, May 3, 2019.

  1. Bob Fleming

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    Anyone who has read the transcript of the Heron interview will know it'll not be him.
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  2. Doubt it'll be grieveson, he preferred teenage boys to little girls.
  3. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    Why? Any details on this?

    I just can't believe whoever has done this hasn't committed a crime before
  4. Hep

    Hep Winger

    Bollocks, that is not ‘widely believed’ outside of the foil hat conspiracy theory freaks.
  5. Nail on head.
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  6. yorkyexile

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  7. Kevj

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    Not sure it’s widely believed. There are conspiracy theories which point in this direction, but in reality, it’s highly unlikely.

    There is no conspiracy of this ilk relating to the Nikki Allen case.
  8. Biscuitz

    Biscuitz Midfield

    Fucking hell :lol:
  9. Cypher

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  10. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    Same here. That level of rage in someone, surely it's not something that just comes out once in a lifetime?
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  11. Gillythedilf

    Gillythedilf Goalkeeper

    At the time as far as I'm aware ,sex cases from up here where shipped down to borough after they where convicted of whatever offence .Possibly the person being questioned has form for attacking kids so was shipped to Middlesbrough?

    Purely speculation on my behalf but I have good reason for the first sentence of my post .
  12. More experience down there?
  13. Gillythedilf

    Gillythedilf Goalkeeper

    Eye mate ,let's joke about interfering with Bairns eh.itll be a right laugh .
  14. The Rat

    The Rat Striker


    Bit it looks like it’s not George heron

    Jesus, you almost hope it is him, because if it’s not then he’s had an unspeakably bad life for no reason

    Yeah interesting point

    There’s no way he’s done nout before

    If he hasn’t then he’s a unique case
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  15. Stato

    Stato Subs Bench

    Nikkis mam is adamant with her Facebook posts over the years that there was more than 1 person involved,everyone is playing a guessing game here.

    My guess is the person arrested in stockton was originally from up here and iam sticking to my original post that grievson was involved.
  16. ConfederacyofDunces

    ConfederacyofDunces Central Defender

    Re Grievson: why? Different MO, different victim profile, different part of town...
  17. Stato

    Stato Subs Bench

    he was known to hang around in the derelict building sniffy glue with others,i could be miles off but i def think we was involved.
  18. ConfederacyofDunces

    ConfederacyofDunces Central Defender

    When you say “the derelict building”, do you mean the Quayside Exchange? Or derelict buildings in general?
  19. Nookie Bear

    Nookie Bear Winger

    Eh ? Every criminal has a point where they’ve not murdered etc before
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  20. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    That's true, but what about further murders?

    I just can't see someone prepared to commit such a brutal act only doing it once.

    I always thought it was Grieveson, because it would be unheard of for two people to be roaming around Sunderland murdering children at the same time and I'm assuming who ever murdered Nikki would have killed again at some point but there were no other such murders when Grieveson was locked up. Also, there were similarities: disused buildings, clothes left away from but near to the murder site.

    Grieveson had said he murdered the boys to prevent them from telling anyone, but that's his version. Perhaps he was just pure evil and liked the feeling he got from killing. In terms of the MO, it would depend. Perhaps the boys were planned and the little girl wasn't so he just used whatever was at hand. And, he just wanted to kill again.

    Either way, to stab a little girl 37 times and hit her over the head with bricks, is as brutal as it can get, so whoever did that had some very serious issues that he wouldn't have been able to control and surely a similar act would have been committed; but we never heard of one.

    But, it appears it's not Grieveson, and I doubt it was more than one person - that would be highly unusual.

    The police have announced they have the DNA of an unidentified man, so they must have tested the man re-arrested. If it wasn't his DNA then surely he wouldn't have been re-arrested, but if it was his DNA wouldn't that be enough to charge him with murder? I'm not quite sure how he could explain his DNA on the little girl while claiming he's innocent.

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