Nikki Allan - a new arrest

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, May 3, 2019.

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    You score loads of points being a dick on a thread about a murdered child.
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    Boards like this are about opinions, we don’t share this one which I respect. The death of a child is tragic but if you look at the facts, what was that child doing outside the care of its parents at night etc. It is a worthy question to ask of any parent but, I kept to using civil language & not resorting to abuse. Perhaps you should read was i wrote before resorting to that abuse.
  3. What was the child doing outside at night? Victim blaming I’m afraid. The bairn was yards from her front door
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    It will be interesting to see what comes from the arrest.
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    The point I’m making is not one that this person shouldn’t be caught/jailed etc nor excused for their actions but that some reflection takes place to provide some perspective to how that poor girl found herself outside a pub “begging”

    Murdered girl seen begging outside pub before attack
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    Yeah, just read it again, and it seems fairly clear that they've rearrested the man who was living in Stockton.
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    An abortion of a newspaper
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    Didn't she go a few doors away and left the little girl for 10 minutes? If that's the case, then very harsh to have a go at the Mother. It's not like she thought the child would wander off down towards some pubs.

    What I don't understand is that the police have a DNA sample - wouldn't they have tested the man last year when they first arrested him?
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    Well lets hope there is a possitive outcome...whatever it may be
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    They're in direct competition with The Chronical to see who can give their readers eye AIDS first.

    As for this arrest? Let's hope plod do it properly this time.
  11. Does Nikki Allan’s mams punishment of having her daughter brutally murdered fit her crime? Do you think she’s not reflected and thought about since 1992?

    Kids beg at Halloween, bonfire night etc. Should we expect those bairns to be murdered because they’re out after dark?

    Which ever way you cut it, we live in a society where you should not expect kids to be murdered because they’re out after dark without their parents. Shifting the blame onto the parents regardless of how attentive they are or not is just not right.
  12. Locke's SAFC

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    I agree. In the real world, people have a lot on their minds and don't always make a responsible decision. The Mother paid dearly for a moment when knowing what she knows now she would have acted differently. But, who in this world constantly thinks "I better do x because my child may get murdered if I don't".

    As you quite rightly say, sole responsibility rests with the person who murdered her little girl.

    I also think if there is a conviction, and assuming Heron isn't the person living in Stockton, there's a lesson for the police in appropriate law enforcement and for the people who wanted to take the law into their own hands. And, I think compensation would be in order for Heron. You can't just turn someone's life upside down like that and there not be some sort of accountability and recompense.
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    I always wonder what punishment people want the parents of murdered or abducted children to be subjected to for their perceived neglect. Personally I’d rather spend the rest of my life in maximum security prison that see either of my children abducted or murdered (it hurts to even type something like that). There’s literally no punishment you could visit upon me that would be worse than losing one of my children.
  14. The loss of the child is the worst punishment. If any laws have been broken, fair enough punish via the courts. The vindictive social media attacks are one of the worst aspects of our society though.
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    You would think so especially now that technology in this area is significantly better than it would have been at the time
  16. He's comparing 2 incidents 15 years apart and the attitude of society to possible concerns was a lot less careless than in 2007 and certainly far less than it is now. Even more so in poorer areas of the country. There are times me and my mates went places and/or did things as kids that I'd hate to think that kids these days were still allowed to do.

    List of major crimes in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    1 in the 50's
    2 in the 60's
    3 in the 70's
    4 in the 80's
    5 in the 90's
    In the 2000's it just goes up tough

    Parents who don't think about any possible consequences need to be a bit more wary that shit does happen, even if it does upset your kid. Look at the increase in 'major' child related killings over the last 60 odd years. Nikki Allen isn't on there as these are probably the ones that made more headlines :rolleyes:. Before 1992, the last major murder from a kid being snatched was in 1984 as 1988 was a young kid taking another from a party. Headline wise pre 90's, kids being snatched wasn't such a regular occurence and kids had more 'freedom' but over time this changed and so did parents attitudes, even more so after James Bulger in 1993.
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    Aye just off this thread
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    :lol: This post isn't funny but that amused me.
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    It's East End, tho; autonomous from 'Endon.
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    The problem comparing the two cases is that the McCanns are widely believed to have killed, or assisted in killing their child. No such belief surrounds Nikkis parent.
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