Nikki Allan - a new arrest

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, May 3, 2019.

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  2. Titus

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    Seems odd they would rearrest the same person if they weren't fairly certain
  3. Smartin

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    That Echo website is a mess.
  4. Stato

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    my money is on steven grievson and others.

    looks like there waiting to see if the CPS have enough to charge.
  5. yorkyexile

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  6. duff_man

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    They need new evidence as well to rearrest someone so that is a good sign
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  7. MLE1

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    Seems criminal no one seems to examine her mothers role in the tragic events that young girl encountered.

    I get she wants justice but there must be some reflection on her part surely ???
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  8. stapler

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    I imagine she has reflected upon the events of that day for every waking minute since it happened.

    It was the person who brutally stabbed the girl who was responsible. Nobody else.
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  9. Gillythedilf

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    This ,

    Back then there where millions of shite mars in the likes of Hendon and Suddick .Its seemed more the norm to what it is now .
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  10. Maxnormal

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    It’s fucking horrific.
  11. Locke's SAFC

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    I would say full credit to the police and the government funding it to not let this go by, and keep trying to find the person who did that to a little girl.

    If, as it says, it 's the arrest of the same man, then that only leaves Grieveson, Heron and the man who was living in Stockton.

    Of Grieveson and Heron, my money would be on Grieveson. I just can't believe someone who killed a little girl with that level of violence hasn't killed before or after.
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  12. Titus

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    It says a rearrest of same man as last year doesn't it? Site won't reopen on my phone
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  13. Locke's SAFC

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    I didn't see that in the report but the way they led the story it seemed like it could be Heron. Talked about him for a while and then said arrest of the same man. Personally I find it hard to believe it's him because the person who stabbed a little girl 37 times and hit her over the head with bricks seems to me he wouldn't stop killing and must already locked up.

    I'd be amazed if it wasn't Grieveson.
  14. Martin F

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    It does.
  15. Fuck Off
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  16. Billy2Sheds

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    I agree but some people will not show the same sympathy to the McCann's. People's positions should be consistent at the end of the day both have lost kids and will be hurting every day regardless of the benefit hindsight brings

    Anyway hope for Sharon and the family they can get justice at last.
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  17. The Butcher

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    Fair point, the McCanns seem to get a lot more stick for a similar tragic error, leaving their child unattended. However the real criminals are the ones who murdered them both. Awful.
  18. MLE1

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    As someone has quoted, the Mccanns are vilified for a similar scenario yet this hasn’t happened here. As a dad myself my children’s welfare is everything to me, your profanity does you no justice whatsoever & purely magnified your ignorance. I feel sorry for you
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  19. EDGE

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    Wish I had a pound for everytime someone has said that. I would have at least £3.

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