Nicknames given to mates when deviating from the norm.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by RestlessNatives, May 15, 2019.

  1. Called Robinson - Robbo

    Called Bevis - Bevo

    Called Simpson - Simmo

    Called Carpenter - Carpo

    That sort of thing
  2. Originality right there mind. :lol:
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  3. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    Very clever.
  4. :lol: A classic.
    We have a kitty for our annual lads' weekend away and the lad in charge of it is called Arthur Fowler every year. Doesn't matter if every penny is accounted for, he still gets it.:lol:
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  5. I had a mate who would try to pull absolute rotters on the last bus to the Galleries from town (or the S-Express as it became known) - he got called Shabba
  6. Hearing aid, was always on the lug, lad with a scar on his forehead used to get Charles or Manny. Anyone who's a bit tight Cohen.
  7. Davyred

    Davyred Striker

    Lass at work whos a bit hefty with long, thin brown hair - Meatloaf.

    Bloke with 2 hearing aids - Bluetooth
  8. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Billy Whizz for anyone who's a bit nippy.
    Mind that could have another meaning this century.
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  9. Boy

    Boy Goalkeeper

    Arts Farm Eno.
  10. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    Aaaright spenk.
  11. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield


    You have not understood the thread unfortunately.
  12. New welder turned up to work and could i fuck remember his name, went to introduce him to the rest of the lads said "right lads this is our new welder his name is erm....Rod (as in welding rod)"
    Still called that now 17 years later and I still don't know his real name

    Lad at work always on his mobile to his missus was Busby, now just Buzz (age will dependent on getting that one)
  13. Boy

    Boy Goalkeeper

    Lad who made gates in his spare time and talked about it a lot/showed you pictures of them.....and his dog.........and his caravan..........and the progress on his new driveway:lol:
  14. There’s an old very posh secretary used to work at our place who was partial to a bit of “back door action”.

    She was nicknamed - Camilla Poker Bowels.
  15. Boy

    Boy Goalkeeper

    Mate who was always sniffing around fanny.
    See who can work that one out?

    Glass Eye Glen
    I thought it was because he has a bit of a dodgy eye......
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  16. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    As an adopted Boltonian I'll have to see if that'll catch on
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  17. Boy

    Boy Goalkeeper

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  18. Worked with a lad at Heathrow we called Thrush. He was an irritating c***

    Klanky, had spindly legs
    Blinky had a twitch

    Isaiah As he had 1 eye higher than the other
  19. Or anyone that’s painfully slow :)

    Anyone very brainy Bamber Gascoigne (one for the teenagers there ;))
  20. MackemBob

    MackemBob Winger


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