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Niall Quinn Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Gold' started by njmackem, Nov 10, 2002.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Best of luck in whatever you do. You'll be sorely missed and the brave charity testemonial may just have changed something in football for the better in the long term.

  2. What a true sportsman you are, Sir Niall!!!! Thanks for being part of my greatest memories as a sunderland fan. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do in the future.

    Niall Quinns disco pants are the best..........
  3. POD

    POD Guest

    Some of my best Quinn moments.
    Play off equaliser for 1-1. I was right behind Summerbee when he took the corner, the LOUDEST noise I've heard in my life.
    Delicious chip vs Port Vale from outside the box
    Last goal for SAFC, a late winner vs Derby in March. If we hadn't have won we would have gone down

    and of course FTM#1 and FTM#2
  4. Adam

    Adam Guest

    Quinn, one of those stars who actually deserves a testimonial. One of the smartest sunderland players ever.

    Cheers Quinn!!!
  5. Gambit

    Gambit Guest

    Thanks niall for a wonderful service on and off the pitch of sunderland fc. You are a true legend, a top footballer and a gentleman! Godd luck for the future and hope that you continue to change sunderland afc for the better.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thanks for all you've done Niall, your a true legend at Sunderland and we'll never forget everything you've achieved, your loyalty to the club, and the truly amazing partnership you and Kev mastered. Somehow it wont feel the same without you, but im sure you wont stay too far away. i wish you all the best in the future, thanks for the great memories.
  7. Donz

    Donz Guest

    Good luck Quinny !!! U have done us proud !! U will be a huge miss at Sunderland :cry:
  8. Bishop Boy

    Bishop Boy Striker

    one word


    thanks big guy.....
  9. wackyjacky

    wackyjacky Winger

    Niall, you've been a diamond for us, thanks a million. Someday, we'll be able to pay you back with more than just love.
  10. Turned up at a rather dodgy Newcastle pub and was a top bloke.

    Wish him all the best for the future
  11. One of the best buys we've ever made - a legend and a true gentleman. Stay in touch Niall, the club needs ambassadors like you.
  12. Superb player. We'll miss him.

    Will he stay on as ambassador or acadamy coach/director or not.... who knows.
  13. Top bloke.

    The wife & me bumped into him once (literally) just before a game outside the SOL.
    She was in such a rush to speak to him that she nearly knocked the poor bloke flying. She apologised, but the great man being himself, he insisted it was his fault & couldn't apologise enough.

    Too many great memories, but if I was pushed I would say his double aginst Spurs at the Sol, when he made Sol Campbell look a right tattie, will stick out in my mind.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Niall, may your God bless you and yours
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Niall Quinn

    Half God - Half Mackem
  16. It is an honour to have such a fine man and a gentleman associated with S.A.F.C and the city of sunderland.
    You will never be forgotten and will forever be a legend in the history of Sunderland Association Football Club.
    Best of luck in your retirement.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Top man,Top player,canna get much betta than that can ya.
  18. Hmmmmmm

    Hmmmmmm Guest

    RESPECT TO QUINNY< make a video featuring his partnership with SKP. Quinn, uve left but u wont be forgotten, dont forget us and keep up your appearences!
  19. G Force

    G Force Striker

    Quality Bloke and Player, will be missed!!

    Good Luck Big Man

  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I feel priveleged to have been an SAFC fan since 1962. In that time many great players have turned out - Charlie Hurley, Jim Baxter, Colin Todd, Dave Watson, Dennis Tueart, SKP et al - but the greatest in my view is Big Niall, a true gent, a top player, a legend.

    Thanks Niall for helping to restore the pride in our great club.
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