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NFL Draft

Discussion in 'SMB' started by minkey, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    Surprised! If he was the man they wanted I thought we could have went back a few spots and still got him and picked up another pick. I'm not down on it as he seems to have a good character and work ethic. Give the lad a chance.

    I did think we would go for Reiff when he was still there. Looks like another wonderful season of watching Webb run around like a headless chicken.
  2. scott934

    scott934 Striker

    I wanted Shea McClellan to be drafted by the Pack, imagine my disappointment when he was drafted! Still, I'm pleased we strengthened our OLB position and with Hargrove being signed, the pass rush will be better next season. Safety next please, since Collins has been cut.
  3. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    We are into Round 2. The Rams seem to have everyother pick. Hoping the Bears can get a OT.
  4. dcl0sc

    dcl0sc Striker

    Rugby for girls......
  5. Watching it now.

    Loved my Cowboys moving up for Claiborne.
  6. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    Yes I liked that move. Seems to be a run on OL at the moment. Hope someone stays for the Bears.
  7. That Stephen Hill looks like a beast. :eek:
  8. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    We have traded up to 45.

    Alshon Jeffrey. Happy with that.
  9. The Situation

    The Situation Striker

    Happy with the moves my Ravens made.

    Trading down and still ending up with Upshaw was brilliant business. Osemele is a beast and many analysts are saying we've ended up with 2 of the best players in their positions in the draft which is great when you consider they're 2nd rounders. Great value.

    I was surprised at taking an RB in the 3rd but it's a need considering Williams has retired. He'll be a nice compliment to Rice though, gives us a different type of running option.

    Thompson will be used as a returner which is good as it stops Webb taking unnecessary hits. He can play slot too.

    Streeter is huge and will be a great red zone target for Flacco. He won't get beaten in one-on-ones.

    Looks like another good draft (on paper at least) by Ozzie Newsome. Hopefully they all work out!
  10. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    You need to update your Avatar marra.

    Get King Tebow in his new colours.
  11. How good is this Tannehill that the Dolphins have picked up? Do we finally have a QB that might actually do something?
  12. The Situation

    The Situation Striker

    Nope. He's going to be a complete bust IMO.

    You'd have been better of strengthening elsewhere and just using a high 1st round pick next year to take Barkley, Wilson, Jones etc all who are superior to Tannehill. Seems like a very decent lad though so I wouldn't begrudge him doing well at all.

    If you want to get a closer look at him check out QB camp with Jon Gruden:


    Others such as RGIII and Luck are on there too.

    Done :cool: King Flacco :cool:
  13. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    Agree with this. He seemed to be awfully high at 8. I think he will be like Gabbert.(Shite) I do think Brandon Weeden who the Browns picked up will be OK.
  14. The Situation

    The Situation Striker

    Agree with all of that. I'm a big fan of Weeden.
  15. Fantastic another QB who'll fail in Miami should be a canny list by now.
  16. cluckluc2

    cluckluc2 Full Back

  17. pkhap

    pkhap Midfield

    Come on then. Where are the photos?
  18. cluckluc2

    cluckluc2 Full Back

    Not sure how to post them, but if you google ryan tannehill wife you'll see!

    Tried and failed.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
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