NFL 2019

Boot Cleaner

He's disgraceful mate, they looked a shoddy disorganised shambles today.

That other fucker, Williams, isn't much better.

I'd get rid of both and start from scratch. I'd also be offering Leonard fucking Williams round for owt we can get for him. And listen to any offers for almost anybody. We're abysmal.
I read Leonard Williams, the WR we got from oakland I can't spell, trumaine Johnson will be traded.

MAYBE even LVB but I wouldn't hold it against him. Too good for the jets.

If Adams goes we riot
The usual Cowboys implosion v the Packers again with a dodgy call or two always in the mix as well.

Been a poor sporting weekend for me so far, my last hope was the Cowboys to pull something out.

Cheesy Feet

Great pick..just when Dallas had a bit momentum going.
Spoke too soon..great throw by Prescott...still time.
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Cheesy Feet

Mahomes limping now..he’s took some hits here like..I thought the Colts would have buckled without Luck but fair play to them.