NFL 2019


I want the Chiefs to win but if the Texans can comeback now and go ahead it would be unbelievable

100% agree. I love the concept of the draft etc. and although there is shit loads of money in the game it hasn't stopped the game from having a fair format.
Would be some acheivrment if they did now that KC have the momentum and the crowd are in a near frenzy.


The daft thing is whenever i watch a live game it flies over. Whereas some of our games bloody drag.
Definitely. The amount of advertisements are exaggerated also and when the game does stop there is so much to break down it is good to hear it all analysed just for a breather
That fake punt is going to go down as an all-time balls up.
Not sure why you would consider going for a fake punt 17 points up with the Chiefs struggling on the punt returns.
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