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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Steak Pie, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. just had the alert, confirmed. What a waste
  2. safcrhys

    safcrhys Winger

    Oh come on... the star on the helmet... the cheerleaders... it's glamorous. :cool:
  3. Gallimh

    Gallimh Guest

    Patriots winning another Superbowl must have been too hard to take??
  4. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    Got a contract offer from the browns
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  5. Northern

    Northern Midfield

    Pretty much why the sport is such a success due to the draft and cap space etc. Comes down to how well run and how good the coaching staff are at each organisation.

    And as good as Tom Brady, its more wait to see what happens to the Pats when Belichick/McDaniels/Patricia leave imo
  6. RokerLegend

    RokerLegend Striker

    Fixtures out today

    Bears rumoured to open the season against the Falcons at Soldier Field. Packers at the cheese arena on Thursday night week 4

    Hopefully the Falcons are still in shock after that 4th quarter
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  7. Struts

    Struts Midfield

    Packers opening at home to the Seahawks! After what we did to them last year that'll do nicely.

    Packers schedule
    Vs. Seahawks
    @ Atlanta
    Vs. Bengals
    Vs. Bears
    @ Dallas
    @ Vikings
    Vs. Saints
    Vs. Lions
    @ Bears
    Vs. Ravens
    @ Steelers
    Vs. Buccaneers
    @ Browns
    @ Panthers
    Vs. Vikings
    @ Detroit
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  8. my minds gone lads, who are the teams in the UK this year?
  9. RokerLegend

    RokerLegend Striker

    Baltimore V Jags
    saints v dolphins
    Browns v vikes
    Cards v rams
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  10. the browns. Anyone and I mean anybody going to see them?
  11. RokerLegend

    RokerLegend Striker

    I remember when it was announced and they asked some fans in Cleveland what they though about the Browns playing at Wembley. One of the replies was something like "What have the people of London done to deserve to see the Browns"
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  12. :lol::lol:. I fancy them for a two win season
  13. clyde

    clyde Winger

    got tickets for baltimore v jags, my first nfl game, cant wait.
  14. minkey

    minkey Striker

    Got my code for the Cards game today. On sale 27th.

    £149 a pop like for decent sideline tickets. Paid $19 to see them in Sun Devil Stadium!! (Mind I also paid near $500 for the NFC championship game)
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  15. RokerLegend

    RokerLegend Striker

    Playing the Bears on Christmas Eve so could be 3.....surely to god though not even us could fuck this one up

    Is that at Wembley or Twickenham??

    If it's your team playing then I would probably pay the same for the best seats
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  16. what are the thanksgiving games?
  17. RokerLegend

    RokerLegend Striker

    Redskins v Giants
    Cowboys v LA chargers (sounds fucking wrong that)
    Lions v Vikes
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  18. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    I went to a couple of the exhibition games years ago..1986 Bears v Cowboys and 1987 Rams v Broncos..watching John Elway warming up throwing 50 yard passes to his receivers..they'd look over their shoulders and the ball would drop in..a thing of beauty.
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  19. all cracking games and I agree re the chargers

    this has got me desperate for a return of redzone on a Sunday night
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  20. minkey

    minkey Striker

    Twickers, yeah that's the thought. £300 on tickets is ok as thought about the package ones but they are like £400/£500 per ticket for a few beers and prawn sandwich extra!

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