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    nfl have had to introduce 4 rules over the years specifically because of bengals v steelers games
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    What decided if a team played in the AFC or NFC and are there any differences in the leagues?
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    Think there was two different leagues and they combined them to make the NFL
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    Used to be two different leagues the AFL and the NFL, they merged and so a lot of the teams in AFC are the teams that were in the AFL.
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    But the real and original league is the NFC started by the legend George Stanley Halas
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  6. Gronkowski has appealed and failed to get his one game ban rescinded. On NFL app

    I'm a Patriots fan but his action was ridiculous and unnecessary.

    I'm surprised it was not at least a two game ban.

    Wonder if there was history between him and that player?
  7. RokerLegend

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    He was a rookie wasn’t he?
  8. I can't remember off hand. I missed it live but caught the replay on Monday and it was a ridiculous act. He didn't even hurt him that much either.

    Disappointing and I expect belichek will be coming down on him like a ton of bricks.

    I don't think martellus Bennett is available either this week.

    Gronkowski will be back at the Steelers
  9. RokerLegend

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    Aye it was stupid and as you say even if the Bills player had been given him some verbal it’s not like Gronk knocks him out.

    Stuff like that must wind coaches up no end.
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  10. scott934

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    His season is over. Karma.
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  11. ChrisAshley

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    The NFL and they're suspensions are all over the place, Gronk gets the same punishment as Juju? And Illoka or whatever he's called tried to knock Brown out gets his one match ban rescinded, NFL make the FA look competent.

    Also Gronk is gonna be fresh to once again have his way with the Steelers. :cry:
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    Belichek doesn't hold back there

    @Chappers some news from Miami on the link
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  13. On Tour

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    Saints @ Atlanta tonight

    Huge game in the NFC South.

    Anyone staying up to watch this?
    How do you see this one going?
    Is this make or break for Atlanta?
  14. geordiedean

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    Saints will win comfortably Atlanta are too soft centred this season and Matt Ryan has not repeated last seasons feats. Im off to Kansas City on Sunday for the game with the Raiders at Arrowhead so should be fun
  15. RokerLegend

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    Saints win. They look Superbowl bound to me
  16. scott934

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    I'm on nights so I'll listen to it, there is summit I like about listening to games that you don't get with watching but I can't explain it.

    I don't think Atlanta have to win to stay in the race for a wild card but a Saints win would basically put the division to bed. Could see it going either way, both have had big wins at times and under performed at others.

    Class, I've heard that Arrowhead has some of the best tailgating in the NFL, and supposedly one of the better home crowds.
  17. Mackem Al

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    I wouldn't worry about Gronk or Marty being out for the Patriots. Not other team prepares its depth chart like the Patriots. Next man up is Dwayne Allen or Jacob Hollister and it would be so Patriot like for one of them to catch 2 or 3 TDs. Just look at Defensive End Eric Lee since he was picked up from the Buffallo Bills practice squad two weeks ago, 2 games, 6 tackles, 2 assists, 5 QB hurries, 2.5 sacks, 1 interception.
  18. geordiedean

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    Yeah looking forward to it its another NFL Stadium to chalk off the list of 32 im now up to 9, Ive heard the Atmosphere is one of the best in the NFL and a very Partisan home crowd too. Ive got the beer ready for tailgating too. Hoping to get to Arrowhead around 8am as its a 12 noon kick off its one of the early games. Got a nice 6 hour drive though first so an early sunday start
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  19. scott934

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    I'm only bothered that the fraud that is Martellus Bennett doesn't get any glory after he squirmed and lied his way out of Green Bay. There's no doubt that the Pats have picked up nobodies and made them stars, they're ridiculously good at it.
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  20. Chappers

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    Shit or bust for the dolphins. Have to win every game to stand any chance.

    Clutching at straws but......

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