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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Steak Pie, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. The Underdog

    The Underdog Full Back

    They want shooting if they don’t make it. It has however made for an interesting finish to the AFC West that’s for sure.
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  2. TicoTorres

    TicoTorres Central Defender

    I hope the Chargers make it.
  3. Smiler

    Smiler Striker

    Surprised at the Eagles defeat last night, maybe not as good as I thought they were or maybe just the long trip took a little too much out of them. Patriots looking ridiculously strong after starting poorly, hard to see past them again this year
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  4. HarrogateMackem

    HarrogateMackem Striker

    He's back next week :cool:

    Honestly after complaining for years about the saints on here I'm just in shock about everything
  5. stretch

    stretch Striker

    Amazing how teams can be poor one season and improve so much the next. Is it just because of how the draft works?
  6. scott934

    scott934 Striker

    Aye, and the salary cap. It's what makes what the Patriots manage to do so impressive.

    The Saints have had the luxury of a future Hall of Fame QB and they've barely been competitive since they won it 8-9 years ago.
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  7. geordiedean

    geordiedean Winger

    The Vikings are looking the real deal to much as it pains me to say it

    it takes more than 1 year really and its all down to how you draft, the Browns are just habitually poor but the jaguars with Tom Coughlin behind the scenes have improved massively
  8. McAdoo sacked by the Giants

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  9. safcroker

    safcroker Full Back

    A lot of good players hit free agency as well. Teams with a lot of cap space can quickly revamp.
  10. Gronkowski suspended for one game

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  11. stretch

    stretch Striker

    Right call too, the big dopey excellent bastard
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  12. Sima

    Sima Striker Lost Magpie

    He’s appealing :lol:

    Fuck off Gronk, described as a ‘late hit’
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  13. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    Nate peterman taking the bills to the play offs at 10-6:cool:

    Was a nasty hit like. Was a foul on the play but haway, just assaulted the lad :lol: Would have rather seen him play Sunday against the Dolphins mind
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  14. ChrisAshley

    ChrisAshley Striker

    I think I'll say a little prayer tonight knowing Burfict is gonna be on the same field as Ben, Brown and Bell while I'm asleep.
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  15. HarrogateMackem

    HarrogateMackem Striker

    I mean we arguably would of made the Super Bowl again had we not lost to the 49ers in one of the greatest playoff games of all time in 2013

    Plus obviously bountygate screwed us over massively

    But yeah, we should be rebuilding now but have had maybe one of the greatest rookie draft classes of all time.
  16. ChrisAshley

    ChrisAshley Striker

    Another brutal Bengals v Steelers match, how Bengals nearly won despite 173 penalty yards on them I don't know! TBH I think something needs to be done about this rivalry it's gone too far at this point and it's just basically players purposely trying to injure.

    Still, there was some karma
  17. rugga

    rugga Midfield

    I watched the first half last night and just caught the rest of the highlights on game pass. You're right about how brutal steelers/bengals games are, always has an edge to it. But for a neutral it's great viewing!
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  18. scott934

    scott934 Striker

    I used to like it when the Ravens-Steelers games were like that, when Ed Reed and Ray Lewis were playing, always finished 13-7 one way or another. The Bengals always lose to the Steelers, worst rivalry in the NFL.
  19. Safc_Number10

    Safc_Number10 Midfield

    I couldn't sleep to watched a good chunk of this match last night. Great comeback from the Steelers.
  20. ChrisAshley

    ChrisAshley Striker

    Not great in terms of competitiveness (when the Bengals do nearly win they find a way to lose) but there isn't a rivalry with as much hatred from the players.

    Gutted for Shazier mind great player who was only going to get better can only hope he can walk again I very much doubt he'll ever play another game, going to be a big loss.

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