Newcastle away New Years Day 1985

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Monty was magic, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Monty was magic

    Monty was magic Central Defender

    Ive posted this on the Howard Gayle thread but thought it deserved its own thread. Gayle and Benno were both sent off and younger fans may be interested in what went on that day (see the link)

    I was there and the Scum surpassed themselves on that day they were an absolute disgrace to the human race. Benno & Howie I felt for you both then and reading this it all comes back to me.

    And for any f***ing SKUNKS reading this click on this link YOU BASTARDS
  2. They were scum that day but glass houses and stones, our lot are no angels either.....
  3. Oh do fuck off you self righteous tit. We have never plumbed those depths, not even close.:roll:
    I was in the East gallowgate aka the Corner that day and saw it all first hand.
  4. offmenut

    offmenut Striker

    Tbf, lots of clubs were like that. Supporting England was horrific in the 80's.
    Newcastle have come a long way.
  5. Monty was magic

    Monty was magic Central Defender

    We may not be angels but Ive supported SAFC since 1958 - the first black player I saw was Albert Joanneson (Leeds) and no one at Roker Park racially abused him and I dont EVER recall monkey chants at away black players EVER at a Sunderland home game. You need to read the story in the link

  6. Well I was witness to monkey chanting in the Fulwell End in the early to mid 90s so it did happen. If you think the problem was just Newcastle's, you're just as much a bigot as the idiots at St James in 85

    I think this quote from the article sums it up

    "I loved the club, but I couldn't stand the behaviour of some of the supporters. It wasn't Newcastle United's problem as such, it was society's problem."
  7. two left feet

    two left feet Midfield

    What reason could you possibly have for dredging this up?
  8. sanddancers

    sanddancers Guest

    They are scum mate, that will never change.
  9. Link for that then? I had a season ticket in the Fulwell end. There was the occasional shout from a bellend but fuck all like NYD 1985.
    And as for your " You are a bigot" shit, get fucked. I am telling the truthas uncomfortable as it is for you. Nothing we have ever done is as bad as what they did....notice "As bad" is underlined.
  10. The Boo

    The Boo Goalkeeper

    Your hilarious version if the Shola Ameobi song?
  11. Oh and 'You're just a town full of pakis' sang to Leeds/Coventry/Bradford was a regular sung at away grounds by our lot and 'i'd rather be a than a mag'

    Like the article says I wouldn't say the problem was just with Newcastle/Sunderland fans, go in any working mens club back then and you'd hear such language/views, even now you still get the odd idiot
  12. there was like - the whole Fulwell singing "he's a wog a wog, it's plain to see to see, he's blacker than you and me, he's a wog a wog"

    we grew out of it before the skunks by signing the likes of Bennett and Gayle but it's no good denying it didn't happen before then
  13. Surely the whole point of this thread was to say 'eeh aren't the mags scum, look what they've done' When it isn't really the case is it? To think you're a mag then you're racist means you have bigoted views or do you disagree?
  14. What the fuck is your point? We were never as bad as Newcastle. You just want to label people racist to make yourself feel better about yourself. And you are using lies and massive exaggeration to do this.
    As for the song above I have heard sang, very infrequently, by a tiny,tiny set of bellends.

    Discuss the opening post then instead of drawing up false opposition in us.

  15. You've lost me there!

    I'm discussing the opening post by saying it's underlying point is bollocks, if you've got racist views it makes no difference if you support Newcastle or Sunderland or are there racists worse than ours?
  16. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Club I go to the lads can be racist certainly if were watching the footie on tv. Some of the comments are unreal :oops:
  17. it's not like 79-82 I reckon, I agree we never matched anything the skunks did mind, don't remember monkey noises and certainly no bananas

    the NF used to be very active at SJP, never saw them at Roker
  18. Arsonfire

    Arsonfire Full Back

    Exactly this.
  19. Monty was magic

    Monty was magic Central Defender

    Read the link you Skunk twat
  20. Macky

    Macky Midfield

    Sorry like but I attended every game home and away in the early eighties and I saw some terrible scenes of racism from Sunderland fans. We all did, it was the way society was back then.

    I remember vividly both the Roker, Fulwell and clock stand singing he's a wog to Justin Fanshau as a banana landed at his feet, he stood with his hands on his hips looking at the banana, I still get shivers down my spine thinking about it now, it must have been terrible for the lad.

    I also saw NF bollocks handed out at many a home game outside the stands.
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