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    Wasn't sure if you were taking the mick or had meant Brooklyn but had the kind of brain fart I often do
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    We went February this year and stayed in the Amsterdam Court hotel in hell's kitchen. Been a few times now and still not seen everything yet and we got a 3 day New York pass that was excellent for the price and the amount you get into. Remember it's an expensive city and I found the food prices have almost doubled from 3 years ago. Drinking in hell's kitchen is great and love some of the old dive bars. I would recommend doing a bus tour ( Inc with pass) intrepid was great as they have a space shuttle also. Empire state, grand Central station, central park, Rockefeller center, 9/11 museum. Madison Square garden. And loads of walking.
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    I went in 2012 and stayed at Hotel St James. It was very budget friendly and only a few minutes walk to times square. Very good location if you're looking to stay somewhere more central.
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    Was there in March this year.

    Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express by Times Square. It was fine enough, cheap, included breakfast and close by to things.

    I would recommend the City Pass. It’s around £94 and gets you entry to 6 from 8 attractions. Definitely worth the money!

    Official New York CityPASS® | Visit 6 New York Attractions for $132

    There’s loads to do like. My favourites were Rockefeller (top of the rock), Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Brooklyn Brewery and 9/11 museum. Oh went to see the NJ Devils too.

    If you want to do the Statue of Liberty, you can go up to the crown but you need to book it in advance here:

    Statue of Liberty Tickets: E-Tickets for Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island –

    I did it and it’s worth it. Book quick they sell out weeks in advance!

    You’ll have a cracking time no matter what you decide to do!
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  6. Qwerty

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    For first time anywhere South of Central Park. All the major attractions walkable, if you're healthy enough.
  7. Hell’s Kitchen is absolutely superb like.
    We went there 2 nights running we enjoyed it that much
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    New York is my favourite city in the world.
    I'm not one for laying on a beach or around a pool all day long.
    I'd rather be out and about having a good old mooch around.
    I love cities that have so much going on at all hours of the day and night, and really enjoyed my time in New York and Los Angeles.
    I'd love to go back to NY some day, but I'd also like to visit Hong Kong and Tokyo also.
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    Could have said earlier. I’ve just booked a hotel. Any idea how much a transfer is from JFK to West Baltimore?
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    Staten Island ferry from the Battery.....canny Tapas bar within 3oo yards and then back again at night for the Manhattan views,,,,Spectacular. and its free (apart from the Tapas) Subway station 20 yards from terminal doors that takes you anywhere in NY
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    I like staying in Soho - Soho Grand is a nice hotel. Close to many other nice quarters.
  12. Baghdad McBadLad

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    Yotel, near Times Square spot on when we stayed there.
  13. Bundy's B&B.
  14. MackneyHackem

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    I recommend going for considerably longer than four nights.
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  15. monolithic baby

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    Stayed in these, all good -
    SixtyLES is a great hotel to be in amongst the lower east side bars etc. brilliant for punk rock dive bars and hangovers :)
    Holiday Inn Express Manhattan Midtown West - hells kitchen great location for times square etc
    Skyline Hotel - hells kitchen, has free car parking and a pool

    Recommend MOMA, a twilight boat tour round manhatten, chelsea market, DUMBO, avoiding times square, south street seaport, coney island and generally taking some time out and watching shit go by...
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  16. b1gals

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    Was there last June and going back in September, got one of the Hiltons (28th last time, 40th this time) both times. Pennsylvannia Hotel is ideally placed and at the lower end of the price range but I've not stayed there. Search the old threads like @James said, we got loads of tips off them.
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    Booked up a trip in the summer for our lass's birthday. Although it's after her birthday and we're going halfies. I'm being kind getting some footy tickets in though.
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    I love spending hours in the sunshine sat in Washington Square Park reading a book and watching the goings on. You quickly tune into the characters. The “Seven foot Jew who will rap for you”, Dusty busking on his saxophone, the guy who sits in the same seat every day feeding the pigeons on him, the friendly lady who sells the anti-Trump badges. Near there is Greenwich Village where de Niro grew up and Bowie grew old(er).

    I love going for the restaurants outside of the touristy areas. Also the underground music and comedy clubs. I could spend years there exploring that kind of thing, if I could afford it.

    I’ve managed to blag trips each Sept/Oct for a few years now. I usually book some shitty 3 day conference for a few hundred dollars through my own company so I can expense the flights and hotel. I’m going in early November this year to do the marathon.

    Last year I got a call the day before the conference was meant to start. Some Indian organiser lad. He was obviously nervous about calling. “We’re So so very sorry Mr KM Sir, but all the other delegates have pulled out and we need to cancel the conference. Perhaps we could take you out for dinner, on us, to make up for it.” I just told him to relax and enjoy NY for a few days (had no intention of attending) and his relief was quality.
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    The Row, NYC. I think it's on 8th Avenue. Decent hotel, room has everything you need and it's easy walk to all kinds of places in Manhattan

    If you're there, I suggest you take in a show. Or two. Depends what you both like.
  20. taipeisafc

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    Hong Kong and Tokyo are fantastic, tokyo is huge though
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