New strips anyone?

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Here yous go lads, best site going for cheap replica tops:,10

There's filters on that link like, I've set it to a tenner or less for you but if you browse the full site theres thousands of strips for next to nowt.

Just for you petal...

Try this site too mate for bog standard template kits. The warrior ones are only four quid a pop.,page=all
Imagine Venks plying his trade in that Fiorentina one man!

Phwoar doesnt quite cut it imo.

Jelly Belly

Its that time again when we get to argue about a new strip!

Seen a couple for starters

£9.99 only S,M,L left so the extra large gang might have to breathe in

Hummel have a sale on:
£8.40 for this style or £9.80 in long sleeved, available in a fair few colours too

or the 'posher' strips

£15.40 and £16.80 L/S

If people can keep an eye out for cheap strips at fat mikes or something that would do. Or we can just keep what we've got?
Hiya fella, where did you see this Hummel sale? I could do with some of them for our sunday league side


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the portland timbers one is £50 so that's that one ruled out what about these for £10? its a local company so someone could go through and pick them up
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