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New camera bag - who is this bloke?

Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by MaDMaCKeM, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. MaDMaCKeM

    MaDMaCKeM Midfield

    Just bought another camera bag from a guy on talkphotography.co.uk - I clicked on his link by accident and this is what he has on his homepage -

    Michael Place is a photographer based on the East Coast of Yorkshire. His style of photography is mainly coastal landscapes and waterscapes inspired by photographers such as Joe Cornish and Mark Denton to name a few.

    I've heard of Joe but whos this other bloke?
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  2. Niblet61

    Niblet61 Central Defender

  3. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

    He wears weird aran polo neck jumpers..
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  4. He's a fucking wanker
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  5. MaDMaCKeM

    MaDMaCKeM Midfield

    Really? I've never met the bloke like so cant comment.
    @K3NA said he was a twat like
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  6. He definitely knows :lol:
  7. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

  8. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Even better than before Staff Member Contributor

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  9. Hark at this smackheed prozzie snapper
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  10. MaDMaCKeM

    MaDMaCKeM Midfield

    heheh, I started something here didn't I!
    Must be nice to know that you inspire people though.
  11. I'm amazed we don't get any new members :lol:
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  12. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

    I'm new, newish anyway. I just ignore your sarcasm :lol:
  13. You were our last new member and that was 15 years ago
  14. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

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