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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Summer Bee, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. WillD

    WillD Striker

    When you realise why Smoothie got his name
  2. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker


    Was entertaining in a harmless way. The actor who was Dexter is in it.
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  3. WCC

    WCC Central Defender

    Just finished 3 series of The Last Kingdom, really enjoyed it and they are currently filming series 4.
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  4. Was decent enough that like...I’ll watch series 4
  5. Porkpie

    Porkpie New Member

    Watched back numbers of The Office: classic.
  6. philontour

    philontour Goalkeeper

    Vietnam War

    Really good feature length episodes telling the War from both sides. Highly recommend if you like documentaries/war history.
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  7. ilovehorswill

    ilovehorswill Winger

    She hogged the camera like a fat lass at a buffet. With any luck she'll dial it back a bit and give other characters a chance in Season 2.
  8. Series three out now on Netflix in case people are interested
  9. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

    Finished watching ozark and really enjoyed it, can't wait for the 3rd series. Not sure what to catch up on next.
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  10. Today I've started watching exhibit a. And the 3rd season of dope . Both good if that's what you like
  11. Farralad

    Farralad Midfield

    Not read the whole thread but When They See Us is worth a watch.

    Only four episodes, it’s based on true story of four young lads who got wrongly convicted of rape. Class acting by the young actors.
  12. Elizabeth Harvest and Doomsday for me.

    Just watched Unbroken. The most powerful film I've seen.
  13. Seaham Towny

    Seaham Towny Striker

    Heard this is good
  14. thamesvalleyman

    thamesvalleyman Midfield

    Currently watching and just finished watching Episode 4. I'm very interested in military history and visited the Hanoi Hilton prison last year, where Everett Alvarez was held (he was the first American POW pilot shot down in Vietnam).

    Agree, excellent so far.

    I heard about that, planning to watch it.
  15. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

  16. Dark Traveller

    Dark Traveller Striker

    Finished series one The Umbrella Academy.

    Quite enjoyed it.... now looking for something else to get me hooked like this and Stranger Things.

    JAZZMANB Striker

  18. niknak_123

    niknak_123 Striker

    Mindhunter Series 2 announced for 16th August
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  19. Lexingtongue

    Lexingtongue Striker

    Generation War is worth a gander. German version of Band of Brothers essentially.
  20. daventry cat

    daventry cat Striker

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