Netflix Hints At Password Sharing Crackdown As Subscribers Fall


96% of people do.

"But the pandemic has created a bigger digital divide While most of us benefited from online services, lockdown had a greater effect on people who are digitally excluded. Six per cent of households don’t have home internet access, and 14% of adults access the internet only infrequently. Older people are less likely to have home internet access (18% of over-64s do not have access), but so too are those in lower socio-economic households (11%). People who rely on a mobile phone for internet access might struggle to work or learn from home or complete online forms – this represents 10% of all adults, and 18% of adults in lower socio-economic households. Even among those who do have access to the internet, 5% say they are not confident in using it, again with higher proportions among over-64s (9%) and those in lower socio-economic households (10%)."