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Discussion in 'SMB' started by PhilSAFC, May 14, 2017.

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  1. what are the best ones and where do I buy them?
  2. jarramackem

    jarramackem Midfield

    Lidl own brand ones are canny and only about £2.50 for 10
  3. Noticing a few of the third party ones are a bit shit in terms of water passing through them
  4. jarramackem

    jarramackem Midfield

    I thought water had to pass through them to make the coffee;)
  5. That much?! I buy 1 cup filters from M&S for that. I only use them in hotel rooms, and for camping, but I thought pods would be cheaper.
  6. Yes that's what I mean. Seems to struggle to get through on the third party ones. Takes forever to make a cup
  7. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    Stick to Nespresso, order direct. The rest are shite and as you say some don't work properly.
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  8. jarramackem

    jarramackem Midfield

    Ah see what you mean now. Never had that issue with Lidl ones like
  9. Tommasi

    Tommasi Striker

    Get someone to nick them from work.
  10. Lidls are canny.
  11. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    I might get a nesspresso machine, got a dolce gusto at the moment but the coffe seems nicer when I have one at my mams out of her nesspresso.

    Wife will not be happy like, I've got coffe machines,espresso machines and cafetieres coming out my ears.

    House is like a coffe museum
  12. I'm Spartacus

    I'm Spartacus Winger

    Lidl ones work well, we got some Starbucks ones which were canny anarl.

    I just buy what's cheap or on special to be honest...
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  13. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    I get dolce gusto ones loose, in 100 boxes at and heat and froth me arn milk. Dinnar if the cost is good for nespresso but it is for me. About 17p per cup.
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  14. I have a lavazza Modo Mio.

    Everyone I know prefers over the Nespresso.

    Biggest selling brand in Italy and they k own their coffee

    Pods still work out at about 25p each mind
  15. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    If you like coffee skip all the novelty shite and either get a bean to cup (simple) or a burr grinder and use your espresso machine.

    I'm on the fence with lavazza, sometimes the beans are spot on, other times bitter and shite.
  16. That's the beans.. the pods are spot on.

    Missus swears by them and supporting family company over bloody nestle
  17. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    Aye but the pods come from their beans.

    The pods are ok, but not a patch on espresso from their beans (from a decent batch)
  18. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    It was just more convenience I got the Dolce Gusto, my espresso machine was a bit of an arse on for me at half five in the morning and I'd end up spilling loads of grounds all over and have to rush about trying to sweep up and shit.

    It's ideal when I've more time on a week end

    Never heard of that. Are the pods easily sourced?
  19. This. If one dies you dont need to shell out £300+ for a replacement.
  20. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    Get a bean to cup then mate. Proper espresso and no messing about. Or funny drinks if you chose to spoil your coffee! Haha

    Fill it with water, fill it with beans. Press a button on a morning, done!
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