Neil Diamond (hopefully ndoyt)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by i am will, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. i am will

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    Off to see him tomorrow at Birmingham Barclaycard Arena... Was brought up listening to him as a boy starting from about 10 yr old as me dad was a big fan , can still remember about '76 sitting in front of the spanking new state of the art Hifi system me dad had just bought , was probably about the size of a small family car looking back ... anyway me dad would stick his cassette in , young uns can ask ya mam n dad , and I was hooked, been a big fan ever since , loads of times over the years id wanted to take my dad to one of his gigs but it just never worked out, for one reason or another...anyway lost me dad about 5 yr ago and im finally getting to see his idol tomorrow night, taking my dad's watch down to wear so he can finally be there, ok in spirit only but hey... cant wait like a kid at Xmas.. its gonna be a Beautiful Noise.
  2. went to see hime last week in Leeds. Class like. Looking old but still brilliant. He shouldnt try and dance like.
  3. Boinger

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    Was given tickets through work to see him about 10 yrs ago. Grudgingly went along, and can honestly say was one of the best live gigs I've been to.
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  4. offshore

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    Seen him in Las Vegas few years ago he was looking old but sounded brilliant
  5. molthemackem

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    A class act.
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  6. Space Hopper

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    Neil Diamond started his career as Neil Coal, he changed his name when the pressure got to him.
  7. Sweet Caroline!!!!! Da da daaa!!!!
  8. FootballFan

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    Great cabaret singer.
  9. zwartekat

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    Unfortunately, there is something about his voice that grates on me but he's certainly written some iconic songs.
  10. Dogbark

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    I can't think why ;)
  11. Old Prestonian

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    Owld Neil has knocked out some canny choons in his day.
  12. offshore

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    With his money he should still look 20..
  13. Sidewinder2

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    Love The Jazz Singer.

    Got his greatest hits in the gaff, classic pissed music, usually between him and Dean Martin
  14. JonMc

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    Watched him on the telly at Glastonbury a couple of years back and he and his band were easily the best musicians on show all of that weekend. A diamond geezer is Neil. Great musician.
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  15. Mantobar

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    Hello again..
    Not that ive met you a 1st time like
  16. I'm sure he appreciated you coming to America to see his show
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  18. offshore

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    We had been traveling far but without a home tho...
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  19. i am will

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    Dunno why ower lass no went for Birmingham then...and ive been told that myself many times over the years...
  20. Son of Stan

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    I prefer this one.
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