Need help buying a new tele please

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Red N White Baron, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Decent size and 4K and all that.
    Somebody posted
    Panasonic TX58EX700B
    which looks absolutely perfect but I can’t find anywhere that sells it :evil:
    Never a fecking break :oops::lol:
    Something similar please x
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  3. Helmerroids

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    Check out Phillips Ambilights, love mine, the lighting effect is stunning when you’re watching at night with the lights off.
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    Great teles them
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  7. richyrich

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    ALWAYS see it working in a shop before you buy. There are some really bad telly's out there at the minute going for ridiculous prices and the picture on them is fucking terrible. I've seen "1080p" telly's in shops that look like a 360p youtube video. It boggles me how they're even allowed to call them 1080p.
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    Thank me later.


    Don’t TVs have shop settings that make them look better when up for sale?
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    Dinnar about that but I've seen telly's in shops with fucking shocking picture qualities on them. I saw one in Argos the other day, 4k, looked like it was buffering/stuttering. If I'd paid £600 for that I'd be devastated.
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    I can’t afford a tele. Spent all my money on a winter coat.

    Hope this helps.
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    So in the choice between wearing a new tele and watching a new winter coat you went for the latter.
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    Looks that way after reading my own post, so yes I would agree.
  13. Goat Eyes

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    That’s why he’s come here for advice.

    Not that I have any.

    Whatever you do go for, try Richer Sounds for their 6 year guarantee.
  14. New winter coat last week, Debenhams special.
    Stand down.
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    1952 Reissue in butterscotch with brass saddles would be my choice.

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    Surely they will be capable of looking the same quality at home ?
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    anyone recommend me one about 30-40 inch?

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