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  1. Roger Mellie

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    The cottingly fairies

    The main supporter was sir Arthur Conan Doyle who said the girls had really discovered fairies.
    Was made to look quite the tit when it became apparent that they were cutouts on wire taken from a story book

    Edit: now with obligatory wiki link
  2. Which for any intelligent person would be immediately on seeing the pictures.
  3. ErichZann

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    Giant Norwegian Mountain Troll - taken by a RAF recon flight in 1942.
    What do you reckon @ProfessionalMackem
  4. Cosmos Rocks

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    Anybody got a pic of sir bobby's ghost at sid james park? Thats a mystery. Perhaps sir bobby was one of us after all cos his words of advice to the spanish messiah waiter didnt work.
  5. Roger Mellie

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    Haha! Well, yes. Quite!
    But despite creating some of the most amazing pieces of literature (I'm a massive sherlock holmes geek btw) the lad was clearly a sandwich short of a picnic with his blind faith in all things spiritual. He was already convinced that supernatural "stuff" was real, he then looked for cases like this to provide the evidence that proved what he'd said all along.
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    [QUOTE="TwasOnTheFifthOfMay, post: 20827301, member: 11282]

    How about the 'faces of Benitez'?



    Just tidied that for you..,
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  7. lenshack

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    Maybe, but bear in mind this was a hundred years ago........,
  8. Maxnormal

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  9. Right WTF? :eek: Is that Iron man? Size of Godzilla that!
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    Empty some stuff from your inbox mate
  11. Done bud
  12. Jolly good :)

    Little shrubs.
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  13. Could that not just be an optical illusion caused by certian atmospheric conditions?

    Similar to that of the city in the sky in China a few months ago?

  14. Words absolutely fail me :eek::rolleyes:
  15. Barnacle Boy

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    Nah mate that's clearly a Giant Norwegian Mountain Troll
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  16. :eek:;)
  17. Fuck that mate. It's a fortress in the sky.
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  18. Aye, shame there's nee sweet maiden dangling her hair owa the sides for me to climb up with and then buck her.
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  19. :lol:
    Not sure even you should buck aliens mate. Dunno where they've been.
  20. Depends what they look like?:lol:
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