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I agree the government haven't handled it well. Doesn't mean its right to break the rules because "they are crap" though.

Pedantry is the last step of the morally bankrupt.
Never said it was right or wrong. Just pointing out why people are so jaded. When a government has done nothing to help you over the years why would you suddenly change your entire life and sacrifice the few things you find pleasure in. It's no surprise people have bent the rules.

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More fans that what?
Fcuk off misery clever shite.
We won, people enjoying that and you’re trying to be clever.
Mag alert.
Well done @goldie lad glad you had a cracking day :cool:
And Aussie. SAFC RULE OK. 😊
Therefore it is justified as someone else is breaking the law also. The lads who travelled from the north east broke the law. It's plain as day.

If they are socially distanced, that is the determined safe limit of the bus, and they are travelling to something approved for travel, like a workplace it is, whilst taking the necessary precautions like facemasks. If they are travelling down to stand on the bus roof, smoke, make arses of themselves for some free publicity whilst breaking the law in the process then no.
Get a life you saddo.
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Oh do fuck off man you're talking as if nee fucker down South has covid 19. There's literally thousands of people out tonight getting pissed hugging each other but that's ok cos they're spending money and apparently covid 19 goes to sleep at 10 pm
Goes to sleep at 10 pm?


Lockdown? I thought it was just restrictions.
I tell you what the government say it's still ok to go to weatherspoons until 10 pm and mingle with loads of strangers and get pissed as long as your spending money but your not allowed to visit your mam.

Until they come up with a sensible plan then they can fuck off and so can you
State of that.

They have found a lot of the spreading is coming from younger people, especially when pissed. By reducing the opening hours they reduce the chances of pissedness, and it's proven young uns go out later and are out til daft o'clock. Hence the earlier shutting. That's the principle behind it. None of this they think the virus only appears at a certain time.

They've also never said its okay to mingle with strangers. You're supposed to social distance.
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