Mr Donald, please move the away fans back to the South Stand

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Caer_Urfa, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Caer_Urfa

    Caer_Urfa Striker

    Or rather the Roker End as it is now called.

    The atmosphere is crap. Move the away fans back to where they used to be to generate a proper atmosphere. Get the South West Corner bouncing again. Or better still...shift away fans into the family end of the South Stand and then we could have the SWC and section of South Stand to make more noise.

    Martin O'Neil pushed for the away fans to move up a height to gain an advantage. Well it's done fuck all, we lost more home games than anyone else in the football league the last 3 or 4 seasons before this one and the atmosphere is shite.
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  2. Safc88

    Safc88 Winger

    The away fans being moved have had fuck all to do with how shite we have been
  3. viccarlton

    viccarlton Striker

    Have to say I agree with you atmosphere wise, but where would you move all of our fans to in able to facilitate this?
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  4. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    When teams like Burton and Accrington come with a few hundred fans, it looks absolutely shit with all the empty seats. The atmosphere was no better before, the problem is, we're not scoring enough goals and the fans in the "singing section" can't be arsed to chant.
  5. Caer_Urfa

    Caer_Urfa Striker

    Thanks for feedback.

    Atmosphere is shit. My opinion to improve it is to move the away fans back to where they used to be.

    Have a nice day.
  6. SAFCftm1986

    SAFCftm1986 Winger

    There’s loads around us in the Roker end that want to be part of an atmosphere but aren’t interested in contributing to it…
  7. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    Spot on.
  8. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    A big factor is the fact that we're playing shite football against shite small time teams in League 1. There's not the same interest and passion there. It's not like when we'd play the likes of Man Utd or even likes of Aston Villa
  9. Rizla

    Rizla Winger

    I agree, it was a bad idea that didn't work out.
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  10. Where are the away fans now they’ve closed the premier concourse?
  11. Blue Pop

    Blue Pop Full Back

    Agreed, away fans need to be moved down...I'd put them in the family end corner
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  12. Caer_Urfa

    Caer_Urfa Striker

    Majority of teams this season have brought great support.

    And yes there will be games when teams don't bring many but that doesnt mean we shouldnt move away fans back to try get atmosphere back to a good standard?

    Cheers marra, agreed,was worth a shot but it hasnt worked out. Doesnt help the fans in North stand have also had objects chucked at them at times.
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  13. TubeStationAt12

    TubeStationAt12 Midfield

    The atmosphere is absolutely shite like.
  14. mackemsafc1959

    mackemsafc1959 Central Defender

    Makes the stadium look empty when fans are hid away.
    Get them to ground level so they can start windingthe players up
  15. Caer_Urfa

    Caer_Urfa Striker

    Yep, pisses me off that. We never seemed to have that issue in the SWC.
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  16. DH1

    DH1 Full Back

    North stand upper
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  17. hyperbolic

    hyperbolic Central Defender

    I agree, move then into the lower bowl. One of the corners next season, any corner.
  18. North Yorks Mackem

    North Yorks Mackem Central Defender

    Splitting up the only part of the ground that makes some noise now would not help the atmosphere at all.

    Most clubs have moved away sections from behind the goal to corners for a reason. We moved the away fans for a reason.
  19. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Midfield

    The away fans won’t be moved. End of thread
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  20. Caer_Urfa

    Caer_Urfa Striker

    @gipetto agree about it looking crap when small teams come to town however surely the club could just sell then a small section and then sell remaining tickets to home fans? Demand will be there especially with concourse shut.
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