Moving BACK to the North East

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Alcoholic_Author, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Nookie Bear

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    I moved back about 12 years ago , but not my home town / city. No regrets , always knew I’d be back this way at some stage and the time was right
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  2. I was waiting for some tail to say this .Done it mate in my early 20's ,no fun what so ever and I'd say the money is better up here now.
    I did a job in Brighton last year and I found tradesman where easier to come by down there than they are up here .

    Good luck mate as I think your a decent point was the lads who are back up in the northeast and bore the shite out of us about London .
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  3. Gucci Massive

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    Fair enough mate. I know plenty who've moved back after being away years. My lass (no and Italian) loves Sunderland and would move there tomorra. I'd prefer to live in Italy though.
  4. I think the north east is class tbh .Not over crowded,plenty of well paid work in construction,not as many people from the colonies and decent housing .
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  6. I think I jinxed us, we were ok until I came back......the exact time we appointed Moyes :oops::lol:
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  7. monkeytassle

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    Not at all. I really enjoy my job. It just has certain constraints out of my control. My wife would hate it. As would I. The only thing I'd consider is buying rental property in the south of France. I'd still trade though

    It has that effect. Working a 6 month job doesn't mean London life. Can spend your coin in mahiki or whatever but that's not London life.

    Its unique and I like it. I've now outgrown it.
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  8. Well I'm not going to attempt to psychoanalyse you. There is a theory of two prevailing types of people in the modern workplace, the some-wheres and the any-wheres. The concept is that a certain strata of people who believe they can work anywhere and have no affiliation with any location, they're usually progressives and more hedonistic. Somewhere's tend to be more socially conservative and less materialistic.

    I imagine your missus is a cockney who detests the North and has slowly turned you against your home, this is just conjecture though, you might have always disliked the NE.
  9. squashjoe

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    France might give you a clue.
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  10. richyrich

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    I moved back 4 years ago in my early 30's after spending 20 years away. Loved it for the 1st 2 years then quickly got bored of it. It's like being in 1980's Emmerdale Farm.. with Facebook, and a beach (with dog shit all over it)!

    It'll always be home to me, and there are some lovely little quiet areas of Sunderland that I wouldn't mind retiring to, but I'm too young to be hiding away in a sleepy Northern village on facebook for the rest of my days. I wanna see the world man!
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  11. Fusco

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    I wasnt long back when we beat Chelsea and Everton and relegated NUFC. I thought i’d died and gone to heaven :lol::lol::lol: then moyes came along :cry::cry::cry:
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  12. The fact you say it'll always be home and you want to come back here - even though you haven't even gone yet! Is good enough for me, you're attached and have a home. If you're young, get yersel away man, and come back in a few years. I would always encourage people from Sunderland to move away, you get great perspective and experience, even better if you move a couple of times or outside of the UK.
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  13. monkeytassle

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    Can probably have another guess
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  14. I came back a few years ago after over 15 years away, with a wife and young kinds in tow.

    Pros: - Having family and close friends nearby, affordability and therefore quality of life does improve.

    Cons: - There will be an element of nostalgia in any move back, and the North East you left behind will have gone, mates moved on, scenes changed etc. Also, jobs, its a very small economy we have, and opportunities in general present themselves less and are harder to obtain. I've caught myself looking at jobs in London a few times of late!!

    In summary, the pros outweigh the cons for me, but you have to make sure your doing for the right reasons. If you just fancy the life you had before you moved away, my advice would be don't come back, as you will be disappointed
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  15. Arn’t you the lad who was given the dry end of the roast on his Sunday dinner off the inlaws cos that’s what Northerners like?

  16. GK

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    Moved away for 20 odd years. Made plans to move back when Quinn took over :oops: moved back in time for bruce's first season. Love being home. Absolutely love it.
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  17. Zig81

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    Moved away in 1989 and returned full time back to Sunderland in 2013.

    Fuckin love being home.
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  18. monkeytassle

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    Nah wrong fella. My wife is French.
  19. Teed

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    Pretty similar for me, (18 years) though not so much the step sitters, more, mobility scooter riders and manky horrible twats, they seemed to have multiplied ten fold and of course the wage and job structure seemed like it had barely changed from the 80's.
  20. Exactly. As if the French have a dry end of the roast.

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