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  1. That would be a great plan for the region, would worry that it would draw in the middle class liberal southerners though. Love the idea of bio cropping, always thought we've massive potential as an agricultural area, loads of lush green land, rains plenty, land is often left barren or available cheap.
  2. Stubbs ftm

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    Houghton is on the up, could even arrange for town mayor Peter Andre and a welcoming committee
  3. monkeytassle

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    Meaning what?
  4. Don’t know tbh mate .

    They see it as a badge of honour I think and like to tell everyone about them working /living down London .

    Their is two on for me atm who love to give it the London crack .
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  5. Presumably the individuals in question would be seemingly subliminally implying that by them living in London they are above (more cultured, do things the right way) the locals and as such are telling the provincials how it is done (better) in the capital.

    It can come come off a bit arrogant and patronising, but you already know this, so why are you asking?
  6. Market Where?

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    I agree with you. I only see it in London based northerners. Not all of them I will add. But I have seen that sort of “arrogance” in hardly any other ex-pat northerners

    Oh and there are more than 2 on here - I just completely ignore them. Not MT by the way.
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  7. Gucci Massive

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    I think he already has mate.

    Are you sure you're not just a bit envious of them that they've had the bottle to get work down there rather than being shit scared to leave their comfort zone?
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  8. Harry Angstrom

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    Belong actually covers how I feel about the north east. I feel most at home here. It's where I belong.
  9. monkeytassle

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    I'm here because I need to be here mate. I can assure you if I could live and work elsewhere I would. Not that London is a bad place, it's really not. My 2y old loves the park and heath and museums. I really don't mind here apart from the cost and I'm half an hour from work.

    I don't want to settle here though even if I've been here since 03.

    I've volunteered for a move to Paris or frankfurt
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  10. Market Where?

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    See my comment above - as an ex pat who has lived in London and then went even further afield.
  11. This doesn't make any sense. You can't change career?
  12. Market Where?

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    It’s the Audi driver analogy MT. Most Audi drivers aren’t arseholes but most arseholes drive an Audi. I honestly don’t know why some London based northerners go on like arrogant arseholes - but they do. My ex partner was a perfect example. Think the world starts and ends in London.
  13. monkeytassle

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    Nah I work at an investment bank
  14. Then surely you've already earned a pretty penny, you wouldn't consider investing your earnings in your own business away from London? You could perhaps do something that doesn't rot your soul while you're at it. ;)
  15. Fusco

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    Can deffo empathise with this, I was away nearly 20 years and came back. I'm happy enough here but preferred it elsewhere. Enjoying being at the match for the first time in a while though :lol::lol::lol:
  16. monkeytassle

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    I'm honest. I'm here because I need to be but I'm lucky to do what I do. I'd rather a simpler life but I'm now in the system. I'm going for an interview tomorrow and the money is life changing but I'd do the same job for half the amount if I could do it in the South of France

    See y next post
  17. Gucci Massive

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    I don't disagree with you. There is definitely a 'type' who isn't from London but moves there and looks down their nose at everyone back home.

    Just like there's a type who is shit scared to leave their home town but will slag off everyone else who does and call them arrogant etc in order to deflect their own insecurities.

    Then there's spot on people like me and you ;)
  18. Market Where?

    Market Where? Striker

    Well I agree with that mate.

    Although I am not so certain about you!
  19. Sounds like you've already sold your soul mate. You've been down there since 2003, I imagine you're longing to get out of such a soul sucking game (and locale) but have family commitments that see you maintain your status quo. If you said to the missus, we're packing up and heading north for a simpler life on a modest wage, how would she react?
  20. Gucci Massive

    Gucci Massive Striker

    You're right to be. I'm a right bellend. Just not one that's moved to London.

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