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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Alcoholic_Author, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I've been living away for the last 5 years and have developed a hankering to come back for the last 12 months or so, missing the craic, the nippy air and just the concept or feeling of being home. Wondering if there are any RTG success stories of coming home?
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    Back to where
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  4. Bishop Mackem

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    He's not coming in our spare room like
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    Yes. Went away for nearly a decade, variously in Leeds, Tuebingen, Norwich and Macclesfield.

    Moved back up nearly two years ago and it’s great. Much cheaper than when I was in Norwich/Macclesfield and I can go and watch the Lads again.
  7. Sunderland, but quite like the idea of being out in Weardale or near Durham City.
  8. mad maxim

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    Had 12 years in manchester, thoroughly enjoyed it but enjoyed moving back even more. Good to get back to a place where the accent didn't get attention, where I could have a fish lot with batter down the beach then have a pint of double maxim and meet people I didn't recognise but would tell me I went to school with them. Miss the short journeys to away games though.
  9. Yes I sold my shed in Kensington and bought easington Lane. It’s the best move I ever made.
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    I've lived in New Jersey for almost 21 years , and London for 15 years before that, but I retired last year and decided it was time to return home. I bought a season card for this season in June but the house sale over here has taken much longer than expected. But all being well I will move in to a place near Consett in November and get to see my first game this season - Wycombe Wanderers. Can't wait for a Greggs pastie.
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    I'm sure there was another thread on here about it not that long ago.

    I lived down south for 17 years and moved back 3 years ago. The south made me the person I am today - kids, wife, home, decent lifestyle, etc. However, since I returned, i barely think about my time down there one bit. There's no place like home, marra.
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    Come to Ferryhill it’s mint
  13. Love this. I imagine with 35 years away the place has changed, good luck with the sale and I hope you enjoy it back home.
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    Moved back for four years, loved it, but then work took me down south again. Me and him talk a lot about moving back one day.
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  15. Lived away for nearly 40 years then moved back. Biggest positives are family/friends/footy. Biggest shock to me was that there was an imbalance between my memory (maybe rosy nostalgia - nee pics of her) of salt of the earth hard working people to lazy twats happy to spend their time sitting on their steps 'all day' in their dressing gowns.
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    Lived in Manchester for 20 years and it was a good city to be relatively young in. A lot of my friends started to move to the suburbs and I realised I had no real emotional connection with the area.

    At the same time I was missing the coast and the countryside up here as well as the places and people. I decided to move back twenty years ago and was quite prepeared for it to be wishful thinking gone wrong. It’s been great, whether it’s the good bits or the bad bits, it’s somewhere that I have a stake in and like to be around.

    A lot of my contemporaries have commitments and can’t come home. If you have the chance I would say give it a try, it worked for me.
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    Ireland obviously as the wanker can't spell crack.
  18. Aye, nee fucker burns off fat anymore by climbing Conker trees and pushing bogie's up hill all day.
  19. Ah mate, I think this is nationwide and more generational, our grafters have become jobless and sad. But appreciate your post none the less.
  20. Picking bogeys from their snecks all day now.
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