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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by Smiler, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Smiler

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    PRICE CRASH Merida One-Twenty 7.600 2018

    Am I going to find much better for the price? I've an old Specialized hard tail and thinking of heading back out doing some off-road stuff which I haven't for a while. Already booked up for a few days at Bike Park Wales in June (uplift pass paid for) and whilst an enduro bike would be better suited to that I think a trail would be better for me in the long run as I need to get up hills on my own steam any other times I go riding.
    Anyway, back to the bike. It looks a bloody bargain to me but my knowledge on bikes and components are still based on bikes from 1996 so bow to anyones far superior knowledge on the subject.
  2. max wartbug

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    Going up hill on a full suss can be a pain if it doesn't lock out, so I'm told. Does that one?
  3. Smiler

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    It's not that much of a pain nowadays. Full on downhill bikes and extreme enduro can be an arse on going up hill

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