Mortgage renewal

David M

No-one's been out so I'm guessing they've based it on the performance of the local housing market since I bought the house. Gone down ~2.6% but it's a chunk of change.
I was speaking with a mortgage adviser earlier and he's received word that HSBC are lowering their interest rates tomorrow and suggested that in my case I'm probably better off dealing with HSBC direct rather than engage a 3rd party mortgage adviser as I'm unlikely to get a better rate elsewhere.
Interesting. That's who i'm with.


they dont get told that lenders (at least HSBC) are dropping their rates in advance. they might have a hunch though that may or may not be accurate.
We do. Not by all, but we get emails saying rates are going up or down with a day or two’s notice.


I usually get 24 / 48 hours notice when mortgages rates are changing. Probably change once a month on average but last month there were 3 changes, not to all products like.