More scummy behaviour from a cyclist


Pause the video as it starts. There’s a car stationary in the left hand lane going the opposite direction, so it’s likely the cyclist does cross a red light.

He’s a double whopper in that case and gives proper cyclists a bad name.
Ahhh yes you're right. Although the car may be stopping because the entitled pedestrians in the city just cross whenever they like.

I can't see a thread on the 17 year old cyclist deliberately hit by a car in Poplar and dragged along under it at speed and for some time before the 2 men in the car ran off leaving bystanders to lift the car off the poor child.


Eh? I don’t. But when I was a lad the coast to coast was a cycle route. C2C blue signs al ower. What you getting at?
Coast to coast isn't suitable for cycling, its a walking route.
Do you mean the sea to sea (C2C)? Which runs through Count Durham.

the boot

People who cycle the C2C rather than walk it are wrong uns FACT.
Coast to coast isn't suitable for cycling, its a walking route.
Do you mean the sea to sea (C2C)? Which runs through Count Durham.
Cheers mate. Is there anywhere up there I can tie cat gut across the track mate.
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Runs a red light nearly knocking some bloke over then has the nerve to stop and headbutt the innocent pedestrian.

Bloke needs finding and locking up.

Also there's a wad in a mini skirt at 14 secs of the video.
It is reassuring to see Londoners settling difference without bladed weapons for a change.


Article said he ran a red, it's difficult to tell from the video on a phone screen.
Even if it was not a red, the bloke he attacked had not just stepped out. He had walked the full width of the road. If there are people in the road ahead, you have to slow and stop if required. The cyclist must have been able to see him a mile off. I hate cyclists with that sense of entitlement. If they were in a van, you would hope they would not try to plough through the group so squeeze your breaks, have a 2 second breather. I usually find that people who are in the ‘wrong’ realise they made you stop and say sorry. I smile and say no problem, they smile back and we nod and both go our separate ways just a little bit happier.

Some people seem to set out to be angry. It must make their day really shit. I hope they catch this utter wanker.


Seems a lot worse in London, someone posted a link to a webcam to Abbey Road zebra crossing, only watched it for a few minutes, probably half the cars and cyclists didn't stop when someone was waiting to cross.
A canny few cars bombed on through while people were on it.

Everyone seems to stop for them up here.
That crossing is a one off though.
only 6 months for that. probably do a few weeks, then be tagged. should get at least a year, in a victorian bang up with 1 hour a day, exercise and social time.
6 months for that. Should ve got longer. Clearly trying to frame the cyclist by pulling off the wing mirror too.