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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Boinger, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. I’d argue that he’d have more integrity by refusing to play a song by a paedophile
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    Let’s face it mate there’s people we turn a blind eye to because we like them. Fuck letting people decide what you can and can’t remove from history. He’s a twat but the actions of 99% of the music business back then was appalling. Play the fucker.

    Interesting point though as you say.
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    Maybe if he was streaming a moral values radio station rather than a historical one.

    Where does he draw the line? If he's going to replace every song that was made by someone that broke the law in some way with a song by someone that's never broken a law in their lives it'll be a very dull show.
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    I’d argue it’s an absolutely pointless thing to judge him for. It happened. Why erase it from history. Peel, Bowie, Elvis etc have all been shown they were up to no good. Glitter was shite so it’s easy to scrub him out.
  6. You seem absolutely sure that a historical radio station has to follow a prescribed format.

    No deviation is allowed for horrific crimes?

    No, we have to follow the rules and play the songs. Them’s the rules
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    Ah well if it's not you who gets the complaints, go for it. Rock and Roll parts 1 & 2 was one of the first 45s I saved up for! Still got it, actually. :lol:
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    Let’s just play goody two shoes artists like Cliff Richard all night.

    You’re going on ridiculous here like. Who gets offended by a song man. There’s documentaries every night on tv about serial killers.
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    How horrific is too horrific? Is it only paedeophilia that should mean their music is no longer allowed to be listened to? Rape probably? What about murder? Attempted murder? Serious assault? What about drug offences? We're constantly told that by buying drugs people are funding terrorism, murder, violent assaults etc. by putting money into the hands of cartels. Should we throw away all our Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, Led Zep, Pink Floyd records? Every piece of electronica ever released?
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    Sounds a great chart show. Went through the top 30's for the period and ransacked them all for the ipod. With the benefit of rose tinted memories stuff you hated at the time brought back good memories. Even Simon Park Orchestra. And Peters & Lee. Even The Wombles. Not Windsor Davies & Don Estelle though. Or JJ Barrie. They were just wrong. Gary Glitter? Moral maze. He got caught at PC World. Michael Jackson paid millions of dollars to prevent a court case.
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    Alledgedly, Jacko, Townshend, Jerry Lee, Elvis (Precilla was 14 when they met), Bill Wyman (Stones) and one of The Bay City Rollers (proven)
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    And the rest.

    FWIW I treat Jacko as a separate case. The feller was brought up by a maniac in a way that deprived him of any kind of childhood. Most of us at some point before we reached puberty had some sort of "playing doctor" experience. I truly believe that Jacko in his adulthood was just going through the childhood he was deprived of, from having a fairground at his house to everything else that comes with being a child.
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    Nooo have to play those (have done) Thats what makes the show what it is.. The number of times I've said "From the sublime to the ridiculous" :lol:
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    My point exactly. Art is littered with deviance. Look at some of the shit Led Zeppelin got upto. Not strictly illegal but absolutely minging.
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    Oh yeah you have to play them. The 1970s single charts were magnificent. From the sublime to the ridiculous. How come Sylvias Mother is a work of art & all else by Dr Hook is really shit?
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    watch their videos and see why. one eye or not i don`t think Ray could see straight all the shite they took...besides which Sylvia`s was written by Shel Silverstein
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    If you limit art to just creators with an acceptable personal history it excludes a huge amount of it. Play it.
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    Thats great. What about Hey Rock & Roll by Showaddywaddy and the rest of their catalogue.
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    Id be more concerned if I had to play Take That mate.
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