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Discussion in 'SMB' started by kossoff, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    The router is right outside my door and no, took a walk and still no connection on either device.

    Turned the devices off and on.

    And no, phone is a Samsung.

    Appreciate the help so far.

  2. Dave Hosselhaff

    Dave Hosselhaff Central Defender

    Have you been connected before? Can the other working devices connect from where you want to?
  3. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    Aye, I've been connected for most of the last year. I'm gonna have to go speak to some people I guess...
  4. errant

    errant Striker

    i've not really been much help... we're getting near format the fucker, but we know that's not an option.

    the difficult bit is that you have two independent devices not working, whilst other independent users can connect - its almost like they've changed the password and no ones telling!

    i'm guessing the bloke responsible for the service isnt much help either.

    if you can see the wifi, but can't connect then its the router dropping the handshake from your devices... which suggests its the router as you're entering the right password we assume (or never changed). however, if another device can see & get's a successful handshake its back to your (two) device. at this point i'd be telling the user to reset the router to factory settings (or restore the config from a backup!)...

    either way, i'm not entirely sure there's more i can suggest for you to do.

    i don't know if get's you anywhere, but you can turn on internet tethering on the samsung, and then connect the laptop to the samsung - although all you're proving at that point is that the windows shell is successfully authenticating with another device.
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  5. Spot

    Spot Striker

    Dispose of one of your housemates and use their devices
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  6. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    If I reset it then it will lose any password changes and restore to to the factory settings right? I might do that at 3am if I have no luck and fuck it for everyone (router covers about 15 people) so that boss man has to come round and sort it. :D
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  7. The Resource

    The Resource Central Defender

    What kind of router is it? Do you know if it has 2.4 and 5 GHz networks?
  8. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    Aye. It has both. Not sure what the router is though (it's about 9ft high up).
  9. Pricey

    Pricey Central Defender

    Make sure your device internal WiFi adapters are turned on, I tried for hours one time to try and get my lappy connected only to discover I had somehow turned the WiFi off, Function (Fn)+F12, same with phone, make sure devices WiFi is turned on.
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  10. kossoff

    kossoff Winger


    Cheers but they are. I'm not quite that dense.

    Others on the floor above (same modem) have the same issue but apparently people across the hall can use the Internet. Strange.

    Boss man is sending an engineer tomorrow.
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  11. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    Any joy?
  12. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    A handshake. :lol:
  13. errant

    errant Striker

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  14. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

  15. :lol::lol:
  16. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    Aye some guy came round today and messed with the router and said it was an issue with the configuration. Didn't say anything else so im none the wiser.

    P.s. I didn't have to format anything.
  17. Iballistic George

    Iballistic George Central Defender

    Have you shit in its ethernet drawer
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