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Mirror linking us to Fletcher/Andrews/Cuellar

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Daniels, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Daniels

    Daniels Striker

  2. SteveB

    SteveB Striker

  3. graphex

    graphex New Member

  4. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    If he signs andrews im cancelling my direct debit immediately.
  5. Paxton

    Paxton Striker

    Put your toys back in the pram ffs
  6. The Good Sir

    The Good Sir Midfield

    Mirror in clueless shock. Pick enough names out of a hat and one of them's bound to be right, sooner or later.

    He won't and you wouldn't.
  7. ChrisAshley

    ChrisAshley Striker

    Are the journalists just gonna list any hardworking central midfield plodders?
  8. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    I would mate, or at least consider it ;)
  9. Daniels

    Daniels Striker

    For that reason I hope he does sign him. We don't need over reactionary fans, we need to get behind the team. Besides MON's biggest quality is getting blood from a stone and polishing turds.
  10. Gegard

    Gegard Full Back

    mag journalists trying to wind us up. we'll be looking at much better stuff than those 3 cloggers. in MON we trust FTM
  11. seedysafc

    seedysafc Winger

    :oops::oops: Pathetic.
  12. Peaknutt

    Peaknutt Striker

    Keith Andrews is basically just a stronger, taller Craig Gardner. Really hope that one doesn't come true.
  13. andy78

    andy78 Striker

    Unless Gardner's homesickness sees him bugger off back to the Midlands, then he'd be a canny squad player. Would want much better than him as first choice though.
  14. can see Cuellar coming is as a replacement in the squad for krygiakos, and probably Bramble (experienced defender for backup)

    Andrews, honestly can't see us going for him

    Fletcher, plausible- has proven he can score goals- however MO'N will want more pace and a lot more link up play- a strong target man who can play with his back to goal receive the ball, hold it- get it to the wings then burst into the box to get on the end of the cross. I'm not expecting many inspiring signings tbh- MO'N will look at players the team needs. can see Yakubu being a more likely option if we do go after a relegated striker

    I think If gardner leaves it will because MO'N wants him gone. I dont think he'd look to replace him with Andrew's either, hes basically fighting for a longer contract at West Brom isn't he.

    MO'N will want someone with pace or at least someone who is a lot more creative and a better goal scorer. Siggurdson would be quality for us (can see him becoming the new N'Zog for us too unfortunately :(
  15. jsdftm04

    jsdftm04 Striker

    Quite sad that you're still pretending to be a Sunderland fan, I bet you're parents are embarrassed.

    Can't believe he isn't banned yet
  16. thecozmo

    thecozmo Striker

    if the aim next season is 6th these wont be the signings
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