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Mini Fridges.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Peterlee James, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    Hong on, you're 25 and still live at home?
  2. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    Can of worms well and truly opened there mind:lol: and aye lives at home and sits in his bedroom drinking cans
  3. Why aye :cool:

    Couldn’t afford to move out Tbh

    Blew all my money on ridiculous amounts of holidays :lol:
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  4. Fred Secrets

    Fred Secrets Striker

    I'm in my 40s & I live at home.
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  5. I’m not on here to pretend I’m something I’m not.

    All that is true :lol::lol:

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Mines along the hallway (first floor) as kitchen is downstairs also ,top and bottom part for diff temps etc .
  7. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    Move out man and everyday will seem like a holiday with the added joy of your da and kid brother not pilfering your cans:lol:
  8. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    We all live in our homes, you know what i mean. :lol:

    You live in Peterlee man. You aren't going to be spending £1,200 a month to share a bedsit with 3 other people. :lol:

    Skip some holidays.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  9. Leon Solent

    Leon Solent Midfield

    I've had a Husky 15 years so it owes me nowt. Running costs are not worth bothering about. They're good for holding drinks at 5-10º but aren't particularly good at dragging cans down from room/ambient temp. The heat extraction in them isn't great. I usually pre-chill in the main fridge and transfer them into the Husky for storage. Certainly worth having.
  10. My lass (no) just got her first teaching job so probably happen next year-year after tbf
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  11. jubblies

    jubblies Striker

    This. A few driving lagers make the morning commute more bearable
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  12. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    She's earning coin, while your lain in your mam's spare room supping warm cans.
  13. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    Thats why he needs the fridge :lol:
  14. Fucking nightmare :neutral:

    Nah man I work full time etc.
    But I feel the issue of me walking downstairs for beers on my days off needs addressing. :lol:
  15. gabbiadini1

    gabbiadini1 Winger

    Be able to put a few of these in there
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  16. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    The issue of being a lazy twat is what needs addressing.

    It's Peterlee, so....

  17. I had one in my Range Rover....:cool:
  18. I had a mini freezer for my sea fishing bait, crab, mussels, razors, black lug and such.
    One fine day, the woman I live with decided to unplug it so she could use the hoover. She forgot to put the plug back in.
    A few days later I went to get some bait out. I imagine satans farts have a similar smell to the stench that came wafting my way.
    The best of it was, she blamed me.
  19. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    :lol: Takes me back to pissing in the pale during the night at my nana n grandas as a little un.

    I reckon about a third of my piss hit the pale.

    3 kids 2 mortgages n a business.

    Kind of jealous of when a beer fridge in bedroom was priority!:lol:
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  20. :cool:

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