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  1. Any way to avoid? Had one start just before I went to bed last night, had trouble reading text then the flashy zigzag shit at the side of my vision, so thought "here we go, best go to bed before thumping headache starts", woke up the next morning and fealt like i'd been punched in the back of the head.
  2. General Zod

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    Horrible things. Knock me senseless for days. Last bout I had I went to the dr & he prescribed some beta blockers (propranolol). So far so good...
  3. Stress/anxiety related?
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  4. General Zod

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    Dont think so, though I was getting anxious about getting migraines quite often! I took them for a bit & the migraines stopped. I havent taken them for a while now though
  5. George Kaplan

    George Kaplan Winger

    I’ve had flashing horseshoe shaped zigzag lights in my head for ages. They were never accompanied by pain and I didn’t really think anything of it until it got worse after a series of eye surgery - or maybe I just noticed more. Mentioned it to the surgeon and they told me it was a firm of migraine. I know now that if it comes in I need to chill and de stress a bit coz concentration or anxiety makes it worse. I’m just very very thankful I don’t get the debilitating headaches that others get.

    I feel for you.

    Sorry. I know that’s no help at all.
  6. Some Random Guy

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    Keep a food diary. I used to get them, ended up being smoked bacon.
  7. box2box

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    Had one once and thought that was it, the end. Terrible things, probably chemical imbalance . Plenty of water should help abit
  8. Dark Traveller

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    Work out what could be your trigger

    Is it stress related
    Is it food related
    Is it drink related
    Is it environmental

    Food - there are quite a number of migraine triggers: eggs, cheese, chocolate, oranges are just some that can cause mine. Caffeine,

    Drink - red wine can be known to trigger attacks

    Environmental - lack of ventilation, room either too warm or too cold, powerful lights, change in weather can also trigger, etc.
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  9. Travis Bickle

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    I get them regular, don’t hurt as such justvtye vision starts to get blurred then the flashy zig zag lines, then a dull headache for a few hours after. Mine are caused by caffeine mostly but certain colour temperature lights bring them on sometimes.
  10. MigsGoalKicks

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    Have got them since I was 3. Normally get one once a month. Been to doctors but the pain killers didn't do owt. when i wake up with one I normally have 2 paracetamol and 2 iboprufen and drink loads of water. Have stopped smoking but having a tab used to ease the pain for the time in was actually smoking. Then after water/tablets/smoke i get in the bath. The heat seems to help. Spend about 40 minutes in there and of I still don't feel better i stick my fingers down my throat to make myself sick. Then go back to bed.

    This routine has worked around 75% of the time for me. Years of getting them and it's been the most successful for es.
  11. KEV_CALL85

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    i’ve been getting them since i was at junior school i’m 32 now, anyone get numbness and weakness down one side of the body like hands, legs and even speech. sometimes that starts first before i get the actual headache.
  12. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    I used to get them from eating cheese and chocolate, the flashing is canny scary like
  13. Sounds more stroke related than migraine, have you seen a doc?
  14. KEV_CALL85

    KEV_CALL85 Reserve Squad

    it’s called hemiplegic migraine you get a stroke like symptoms, i don’t get them as often now maybe twice a year but it wipes you out for a couple days. it’s not food or drink for me it’s more environmental certain lighting, cars headlights and stress as well.
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  15. steadybreeze

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    Used to get them a lot years ago, seemed to be sugar related for me. All the sparkly vision stuff started and i'd slam a couple of mars bars down me as fast as i could. Still used to get them until i stopped smoking about six years ago. Had it once since i think!
  16. Goat Eyes

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    I was talking to a mate on Tuesday about this very thing.

    He gets migraines, no pain but he gets the exact symptoms you describe and it’s called a hemiplegic migraine. He has tablets from the doc that stop the migraine when he knows it’s coming.
  17. Harbour Boy

    Harbour Boy Midfield

    Was cheese for me
  18. KEV_CALL85

    KEV_CALL85 Reserve Squad

    my sister gets them worse than me and she got some tablets to take soon as it starts and they sometimes stop them before it takes hold. They come on all of a sudden as well i’ve got to get to bed soon as possible and try and sleep through it.
  19. EDGE

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    Eye strain? Have you been to the Opticians recently?
  20. bonsai

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    aura migraines are bastards, usually get one when I've not been getting which sleep feeling run down.

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