Paddy O'Dors

Took the kids there once. Tried the roller coaster, then a few of the others ride. Thowt the other rides were shite so had another couple of goes on the roller coaster. Got bored, wanted to gan home.


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Surreal, theme park in a shopping centre, the rides were of course very limited as it was er - indoor- kids enjoyed it when they were little and I was spared it's deterioration in the later years. Whole Metro Centre seemed sad when I was last there, entire 'streets' gone and hidden by expanding shops across them. Cinema/food section seems to be the only life left in it now.
Loved metroland. As a teen used to get the bus over in the school holidays, was about a fiver for an all day wrist band. Spend ages in there. McDonalds and cinema as well. About 2.50 for the pictures at the time. Used to spend full days in metroland and dip out for the cinema or McDonald's. Roller coaster is still active at a theme park down south west. The swings are on a pier somewhere south east.
Class place for meeting lassee and getting in scraps. Getting a chase of the metro centre security guards who dressed like American coppers was a frisk as well