Merseyside Derby tonight


to show what Everton are up against - thse are for any derby not just Liverpool v Everton

  • The longest unbeaten derby game run in all matches is 19, held by Liverpool 2011 to present.
  • The longest unbeaten derby game run in home matches is held by Liverpool with Everton failing to win in the League (plus two cup games) for 21 games starting in 2000 and continuing.


Liverpool concede chances every game, there’s no way they can keep up this incredibly good form, they will lose a few games this season. Think they’ll win 2-0 tonight but fancy Bournemouth to get something off them on Saturday.


Central Defender
3 of the last 4 games have been drawn would've been all 4 if it wasn't for their fluke stoppage time winner a year ago

Cant see past the wall pushers winning tonight though 2-1 it wont be the massacre some will predict
you missed the shots of them all walking to the game together and sitting together and that

very much like when we play Millwall :D
Aye holding hands,big smiles , the blue half ,the red half...the media build them up something chronic..dodgy penalty will win it


People will laugh at the media and their cliches and rightly so. However there's no disputing that this is one of the biggest games in British football imo.