memory foam mattress

Discussion in 'SMB' started by fosters please mate!, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. StripedPaddy

    StripedPaddy Winger

    Don’t piss on one though, impossible to dry out.

    Well very difficult anyway, swamped one with a quart of piss recently and the bang is still there.
  2. Bluepaul

    Bluepaul Full Back

    Memory foam ruin people's backs, you sink into them and don't move meaning your back is in the same position for far too long, the only time you'll move is when you wake up because of the fucking heat.

    My doctor told me it was amazing how many of her patients developed problems after getting one, she told me this whilst I was there getting my back looked at after letting my wife spend a grand on one ☹️
  3. sun gets in my eyes

    sun gets in my eyes Subs Bench

    Corrected for you
  4. PTR

    PTR Striker

    They're surprisingly good. I really really like them.

    Shit ones, maybe.

    Although, if you have back problems, there's better options.
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  5. raindog

    raindog Winger

    My Brain is made of Memory foam
  6. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man Midfield

    Mine is like concrete, you lie on top of it rather than sink into it. Cant stand normal sprung matresses now as far too soft.
  7. Bluepaul

    Bluepaul Full Back

    It was a Tempur one, yeah we got a firm ortho one afterwards, I have sciatica.
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  8. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Do Tempur do different firmness, or just the one?

    Aye, ortho one sounds like the best bet for your pretend bad back ;)
  9. stretch

    stretch Striker

    I’m sure they do, they have an outlet in dalton Park.

    Don’t forget your jacket
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