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  1. I have a topper over my orthopaedic mattress. It's fab for my arthritis but it does keep the heat in which isn't so good for Summer. Do your homework re the density of the foam as not all foam is the same. If your current mattress is ok try a topper and see how you get on before you commit.
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  2. gizmoganzee

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    Get a decent pocket sprung mattress and put a 5cm memory foam/ gel topper on for temperature regulation and comfort.
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  3. Got the Emma one, probably too soft if I was using it long term, but since I only sleep in the bed for 3 or 4 weeks a year it does its job. I've slept in many a bed, and worst were in the Middle East (Except hotels), the ones in apartments and villas were like sleeping on a wooden bench.
  4. PTR

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    Otty is pretty firm. Certainly not soft
  5. arthursboy

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    Got a topper as I prefer a solid based, the wife got MF pillows, they lasted one night, thought I was going to be suffocated as my head slowly sank into it, fucking horrible.
  6. sun gets in my eyes

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    Hehehe. You do realise that you've bought an old mattress that has had a new cover put on it to make it look like a new mattress, don't you ?
  7. Yankee Mackem

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    Aye if you want a MF pillow go for a combination one or half and half. Really good and takes loafs of heat from your head.
  8. Scotty 1978

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    Na brand new
  9. dcl0sc

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    Don't do it. They are not good for your posture as they keep there shape. I had one and after a while used to get out of bed in agony with my back. Either get a reflex foam mattress or a decent pocket sprung mattress.
  10. ebb

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    We've got a simba and like it. Had the Otty and liked it but it was too firm.
    When I buy the next one will get the premier inn Hypnos mattress.
  11. Lone Wolf

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    I think they are horrible, especially in the heat you can’t cool down as you’re sank in.
  12. PTR

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    You've tried the wrong ones then.
    Not all memory foam is created equally. I barely sink into mine at all. And its not very hot.
  13. sun gets in my eyes

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    Expert......not so sure about that but I do have over 30 years experience in the trade. The best advice I can give is go to a shop and try some. All of the 'bed in a box' matts are made by regular bed companies. For example, Simba are manufactured by a company called Breasley. You can buy something with higher spec but at LEAST £200 cheaper in a store. Alternatively, you could spend the same money and buy a far superior mattress, which is the best option.
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  15. stretch

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    How do you rate Mammoth?
  16. sun gets in my eyes

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    They are decent but a little overpriced in my opinion (and yes I do deal with them). Saying that, if you like memory foam they are a very comfortable mattress that will genuinely last for many years. I have to say that I would choose pocket springs with natural fillings every time for myself. By far the best comfort and support !
  17. stretch

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    Thanks. We went mattress shopping a few weeks ago and ended up being sold the full bed.
    It’s nice but we liked the temper, but couldn’t justify £2k
  18. sun gets in my eyes

    sun gets in my eyes Subs Bench

    it just depends what you can afford. It pays to spend the money in the long term. Obviously that sounds like sales shit but it's very true
  19. Lester1979

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    We got an Otty in the new year and it’s been spot on so far. We also got the two free Otty pillows and they were the biggest surprise cause I never expected a pillow with right angled edges to be comfortable.
  20. stretch

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    Yes, was done up like a kipper yo buy the whole bed, but the difference to what we had it’s worth every penny, and she knocked the vat off because of a bad back!

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