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  1. T_Bone

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    Four good things to come out of Middlesbrough........
    Paul Rodgers
    Chris Rea

  2. Ohh, another four good things to come out of Middlesbrough........

    Club Havana
    The Arena
    The Empire
    The smog to help people from Redcar to grow mushrooms on their windowsills.
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  5. T_Bone

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    I was once thrown out of Club Bongo for taking my shirt off on the dance floor. It wasn't cos I was fat or thin or black or white but that shirt cost £20 and there was no way I was getting it back.
    True story that me and a mate took our shirts off and got a kicking.
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  6. Thackeray

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    Mellow as fuck mate. Well done.
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  7. Quench

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  8. T_Bone

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    Taking your shirt off can be mellow mate it was a response to the Boro jibe
    Chill, shut up and put your offering up
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. rael

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  11. muggboots

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    Club bongo
    Club bongo
    They brayed T Bone and Mongo
    They knocked him out of his new shirt
    All tanked up on Strongbow

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  12. T_Bone

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    It was in a rough area, very rough. I got to know a lot of " the girls" I became friends with a few. We travelled over and treat the girls with respect and the males but stood our ground. The night we were thrown out of the bongo led to all kind of shenanigans not by us but by the locals.. We got to know all of the characters in st Luke's we were welcome in the Cpt Cook we were Monkeyhangers after all.
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  13. Arkle

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    I sing this to my cat...

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  14. cluffy

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  15. muggboots

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    Which place was Bongo then?

    I love that man more than is probably healthy for both me and him. :lol:
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  16. T_Bone

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    Club Bongo International. If you need to ask you haven't been.
    Anyway mellow music ?
  17. Arkle

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    He's one of my favourite people...
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  18. r@mside

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    Bon Iver, I'm listening to the whole album but here's a big track

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  19. muggboots

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    He's a fucking diamond. The songs fall out of the bastard like water from a broken tap. His range of styles between the Furries, Neon Neon, solo and his collaborations are unreal. His skills with harmony, the obscure beats/juxtapositions, production know how and generally being an absolute loveable nutcase are second only to his ear for a hook. He's as dry as fucking sticks n all. :lol:
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  20. richyrich

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    The beautiful and mesmerising tones of Otis Redding are hard to beat.

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