Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by ozcat, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. ozcat

    ozcat Central Defender

    Sorry to barge in, just seemed like the most appropriate place to post.

    By chance does anybody know of any active SAFC supporters groups in Melbourne? Meet ups for games at good venues etc perhaps?
  2. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    hi there
    if ya contact on here user name ......tomthepom he will guide ya he lives over there as to where ta watch the lads
  3. ozcat

    ozcat Central Defender

    Would you WA guys mind if this thread stayed on your board and (just for the time being) a few lads fans from over East posted here? Hoping to maybe kick something off if there's any takers and seems like a good place to start.
  4. Blackcatwaz

    Blackcatwaz Winger

    Gan for it...Hope u can get something set up for the East coasters
  5. brisbanemackem

    brisbanemackem Midfield

    Would be great if we could get together for the Final ...........or any of our four Wembley appearances this year.

    League Cup... FA Semi, FA Final, and Charity Shield............LOL

    If we can get past Southampton its a possibility but that is a very big IF they are a good side.
  6. ozcat

    ozcat Central Defender

    Yup... good tomorrow night is on the box though (ESPN)

    Reading the main board I don't think @andysfootball will make a cup final catch up however... nice work son!
  7. Geelong Cats

    Geelong Cats Subs Bench

    Hi! Happy to get together when we can! I live in East Melbourne work in North Melbourne.
    Hoping we stay up so I don't have to subscribe to Setanta!
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