medical advice 🙂

just split my head open at work. got a big plaster put on by the first aid gadgy here. he reckons the cut is small but deep. there was a canny bit blood mind. he's unsure wether it needs stitches or not.
didn't get knocked out and not feeling dizzy but it's starting to get a bit sore even though i feel fine.
i should mention i'm in the wagon, not too far away from where i'm based. i was planning to get back, let a lass who works there who used to be a nurse look at it then go to a walk in centre to see if it needs anything doing to it. my dilemma is i don't want to go if it's going to waste their time.
You need to put it in the accident book anyway.
it's always tickled me when folk on here have asked for medical advice so i thought I'd do the same. i'm only worried about having to get stitched tbh.

View media item 11866i await the abuse :)
Will be like the spotted white in billiards when it heals. 😄😉
My work mate done his head on a scaffold pole 2 weeks ago and ended up with 7 stitches. You could see his lily white skull in the wound. His wife's mate who is a nurse took the stitches out last weekend rather than fannying about in hospitals. He never missed a minutes work as we were just putting our tools away when he did it.
When I first looked I thought the cut was on your knee…
Took me a bit to work the image out too - some baldy head that. No idea what I thought the left ear was as couldn't see the right one and didn't think it was even a head initially, like you dodgy knee.
Oof! Someone tried to bury the hatchet?
Lights go out?
Excellent reference
Been having a bit of a stressful time atm but your post made me laugh out loud, just what I needed cheers!
Been following your thread and it really shows what a superb place this is/can be. By a completely different metric this thread also shows what a superb place this is/can be.
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