Medal Of Honor Series

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  1. houst69

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    Just found this in my store at work for the PC. The warchest which includes Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough, also found Pacific Assault.

    Loved Allied Assault, especially the Omaha beach scene which later appeared in Saving Private Ryan, classic!

    Gonna have a blast this weekend
  2. gipetto

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    I remember playing Frontline and for some reason always thought the level set in Holland was canny eerie. It was strange going through the streets with rows of houses either side, with very little interaction (little or no doors to open etc.). Then you'd happen across some civilians that looked spooky due to the poor graphics (class at the time mind). There were also rooms with hardly any furniture in, if any at all, which wasn't realistic, but at the same time it was typical of the time, probably rushing to get it out without the opportunity to offer updates.
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  3. Billy Batts

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    Frontline was absolutely class.
  4. They were buggy piles of shite
  5. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    :lol: have an image of you flinging your controller off the screen and volleying the disc out the window straight off a passing cyclists pyat.
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  6. :lol:
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  7. Macho

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    I thought the sceene happened after Saving Ryan?
  8. silas80

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    It did. A good couple of years after.
  9. houst69

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    Oh aye
  10. LondonMackem

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    Used to love the undercover missions where you showed your credentials and you saw the little arm pop out with the docs for the guard :lol: felt well sneaky
  11. My Left Foot

    My Left Foot Midfield

    Still got all of mine up in the loft along with the early Call of Duty games. Trying to play Snowy Park on 56k dial up was a mare.
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  12. I used to love that as a youth, remember this being about mission 7 or 8 I think. Had the game on copy and it wouldn't load after mission 8/9 when you had to climb up that hatch on the ship? and the guards were dressed in blue uniforms. Nostalgia :lol:
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  13. LondonMackem

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    :lol: What a time to be alive
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  14. Billy Batts

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    Scenes :cool:
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